#HelloGorgeous: How To Get Skin Like Katrina Kaif

#HelloGorgeous: How To Get Skin Like Katrina Kaif
There’s no denying that Ms Kaif has the most radiant skin in Bollywood. If there’s one thing of hers that we wish we had (other than Ranbir Kapoor, of course), it’s her fabulously radiant complexion.  Her clear, peaches-and-cream skin never fails to mesmerize the audience - it’s no wonder that this beauty never needs to pile on the makeup! That's why we give you a few tips to get skin like Katrina Kaif and shine like her.

1. It’s All About The Water

It may sound cliché but it makes a hell of a difference. Every Bollywood actress worth her salt will tell you to down plenty of H2O for clearer skin and Kat is no different. Known to drink 3 to 4 glasses every morning after waking up, it’s one simple trick that we all can copy if it means looking as stunning as her.

2. Sweat It Out

How To Get Skin Like Katrina Kaif

Of course the actress works out to maintain that svelte figure which definitely contributes to her flawless skin. Keeping fit and exercising is not only great for your health but also for your complexion. It boosts oxygen and blood flow to your skin as well as makes you sweat, which is great as it is your body’s natural way of unclogging pores. Working out also helps your skin produce natural oils, which leaves it supple and young. You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym to stay fit, Katrina does plenty of activities like yoga, pilates, jogging and swimming to stay as gorgeous as ever.

3. Eat Healthy For That Inner Glow

Like anyone would in her profession, Kat is careful about what she eats and sticks to a macrobiotic raw food diet for that natural, radiant glow. Oatmeal, boiled vegetables, grilled fish and acai berries make up a huge part of her healthy diet. She also drinks wheat grass every single day and makes it a point to eat every couple hours to kick up that metabolism. She also tries to get an antioxidant boost by switching coffee for green tea instead, which definitely helps ridding your body of toxins and clearing up your complexion.

4. A Meticulous Skin Care Routine

ow To Get Skin Like Katrina Kaif

If you’ve ever watched this gorgeous girl about her beauty regime then you would know that Katrina makes it a point to remove all her makeup religiously no matter how exhausted she may be. She uses Lancome Cleansing Milk to remove any traces of makeup from her face and eyes as well as a good cleanser before hitting the sack. Kat is also extremely particular about keeping her skin hydrated and healthy and makes it a point to slather on moisturizer regularly. She swears by Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion which is amazing for all skin types and is easily available at any chemist as well as tries to catch up on facials when she isn’t shooting. She’s also known to favour La Prairie Night Cream. Even Katrina puts in that extra effort for her creamy, fabulous skin.

5. Easy On The Makeup

The actress hates piling on the makeup when she isn’t shooting and with a complexion like hers, why would she? Not one to use foundation when she’s off-screen, Katrina’s off-duty makeup routine consists of a creamy concealer like L’Oreal True Match Concealer, mascara and lip-gloss. The beauty is all-natural. She believes in allowing her skin to breathe instead of clogging it with too much makeup and we couldn’t agree more.

How To Get Skin Like Katrina Kaif


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