How To Get Legs Like Deepika Padukone

How To Get Legs Like Deepika Padukone
If there is one thing we all want to know about glam diva Deepika Padukone, it would be her secret behind achieving those gorgeous pair of long legs. Yes ladies, take a proper look at them, they’re flawless!  If you’ve been envying them for far too long now, we’ll tell you how to get them yourself! We’ve divided the piece into two parts - namely exercising and grooming - to help you get a better insight. So ladies, are you ready to get gorgeous legs like Deepika Padukone? What are you waiting for? Scroll down and start reading!

1. Exercise 

legs like Deepika Padukone

We’re pretty sure that genetics played an important role in helping Deepika get those perfectly toned legs. However, regardless of that fact, she still makes frequent visits to the gym. When she’s not shooting, this dusky beauty pours her energy into walking, stretching, dancing, pilates, and power yoga. Yep ladies, if you want to achieve them, you have to sweat it out. Here are 3 simple exercises to help your shape-up your legs. (Our mantra - Exercise, Eat, Sleep, Repeat)


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1. Do The Squats -


Any fitness trainer will tell you that squats are the best bet for getting toned legs and thighs. It’s very hard we agree, but remember - no pain, no gain! Here’s how to nail it -

Step 1 - Stand straight, and press your back again the wall.

Step 2 - Your feet should not be proportionate to your back posture

Step 3 - Taking a deep breath, lower your rear end towards the ground.

Step 4 - Stay in this position for half a minute and get back to your initial position.

Step 5 - Continue doing 10 of these a day to see results.

2. Walk of Life - 

Walking as an exercise is the by far the simplest. It’s a great cardiovascular exercise which helps building up your thigh and leg muscles. However, this must be a daily activity. Start by taking short walks, then gradually work on your speed and distance. A good ten minute walk should keep those leg muscles healthy and toned.

3. Leg Extensions - 

You will only be able to master this exercise with practise. Leg extensions can be painful, but it will be worth all the effort. Start by lying on your tummy on a yoga mat. Then, spread your arms by your side and keep them relaxed. Taking a deep breath, slowly lift your one of your legs towards the air. Keep it there for a fraction of a second, and move on the next leg.  After staying in that sturdy position for a minute, gently bring your feet to its initial position. Do this exercise every alternate day to see results.


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(Note - If you’re a fitness junkie, and want to know and practise more power exercises like these, click here!)

2. Grooming 

legs like Deepika Padukone

If you want the perfect legs, you should be equally determined to take proper care of them as well. There are four secrets to achieving this. Here they are - 

Secret 1 - Proper Hair Removal Tactics

You must have noticed how silk-smooth and sheeny Deepika’s legs are. That’s probably because she pays a hell lot of attention to her hair removal. However, every girl has their own hair removal method. Some prefer waxing and shaving, while others opt for laser treatment. Our advice, pick and stick to one that agrees with your skin. If you prefer shaving, make sure that you have a good quality razor and shaving gel. After shaving, don’t forget to moisturize those legs, because if you don’t, you might suffer from razor burns and dry skin. In that case, waxing and laser treatment is better. These methods are not only quick, but they last for a longer time frame as well. Read this to find the best hair removal option for you!

Secret 2 - Treat Yourself To a Pedicure

Most of us live busy lives, and looking pretty 24/7 like our favourite actresses is not something that we stress on everyday. However if you look at the bigger picture, it’s extremely important. Since most of times you’re travelling, you could risk your feet from getting chipped nails and damaged skin. That’s why, we urge you to tend to them once or twice month. Head to the nearest salon and get a much-needed pedicure done. It will leave your feet feeling soft, pretty and fresh.

Secret 3 - Get a Good Scrub 

If you want smooth and soft legs like Deepika, you have learn how to maintain yours. Start by taking a shower (No kidding, we’re serious!) While you’re having a shower, use a body scrub or a loofah to get rid of the dead flaky skin. Take your time and scrub well. Once you’re done, rinse it off with warm water. Tap dry, and don’t forget to apply body cream or baby oil to your legs to keep it soft and fresh.

Secret 4 - Moisturize All The Way

Just how a plant needs water to grow and be healthy, your skin requires a great moisturizer too. All you have to do is apply the cream onto your legs and massage it a circular motion. The key here is to blend the cream into your skin. Once that’s done, you will notice that this magic lotion makes your skin feel soft, smooth and radiant. 

If you follow these tips religiously every single day, you’re bound to get legs even prettier than Deepika’s. Good luck, ladies!

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