Goan Beaches

#Jealous: 4 Goan Beaches That Will Kill It on Instagram

Rhea Gupte


Goa is a fascinating land of endless beaches, mesmerizing sunsets and unlimited fond memories. These were some of the main reasons why I shifted from the ever-so-busy Mumbai to the scenic and calm landscape of this new city.

Along with collaborating with brands and lending them my creative eye, location scouting is one of my favourite parts of the work process. The love for exploring new locations and picking landscapes to suit the theme and mood of a shoot have led me to unearth some of the most fantastic shoot locations in Goa.

Here is my pick of 4 gorgeous Goan beaches which will make the most romantic holiday pictures.

1. The Bustling Retreat

Situated in the far North, Ashwem beach is alive with shacks and tourists at this time of the year - luckily without the usually crowd that flocks to beaches in the North and the traffic which follows. Even with a bustling audience, the beach remains calm and peaceful, making for a fantastic shoot location. For more pictures, click here.

Gorgeous Goan Beaches

2. The Fitness Spot

I personally have a soft spot for Miramar beach since it is located right across my home. The beach usually has a residential audience of fitness fanatics, football players and senior citizens out for a morning walk. It has the most beautiful sunsets I have ever witnessed in my life with colours ranging across the spectrum in a wondrous display. For more pictures, click here.

Gorgeous Goan Beaches

3. Quaint Blue Waters

The quaint little Oxdel beach has barely any people or eating joints. However, the endless dark rocks and blue water make it a versatile location to make unique photographs. However, give this one a skip if you are looking to go for a swim or to chill. For more pictures, click here.

Gorgeous Goan Beaches

4. Walking on White Sand

Utorda has to be my absolute favourite beach in Goa and I have ended up shooting over three different set of photographs here, including an elaborate editorial which is coming to my blog soon. It is perfect for multiple changes as people out there won't bother you and Zeebop makes for the perfect post-shoot meal joint. The turquoise blue water and white sand also help! For more pictures, click here.

Gorgeous Goan Beaches

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Published on Feb 02, 2015
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