8 Excuses Every Girl Makes When She's Late for a Date!

8 Excuses Every Girl Makes When She's Late for a Date!
Now, a woman preparing for a big date and time - they never go hand in hand. Getting ready never took us less than an hour at least - until Ponds BB+ cream came along, that is! The melée of bottles, from concealers and foundations to moisturizers and sunscreens - one giant mess and a whole lot of time down the drain. But who needs to pile on the makeup when you have this secret weapon for a stunning complexion? It is an all-in-one cream that helps you instantly cover your spots while giving you flawless, picture perfect skin. Now that you have a major timesaver on hand thanks to Ponds BB+ cream, here are some lame excuses that you will never be able to make again when you’re running ridiculously late!

1. I couldn’t find anything new to wear!

And once I did, couldn't decide exactly which shade of blue heels to wear with it. Or should I just wear black sandals instead? (All this effort was for you. Pretend to notice, please?) late for a date

2. My watch stopped working.

Oops, I forgot that my cell phone shows the time too! late for a date

3. My car broke down in the middle of the road. And then the traffic was just insane!

Blame it on luck. And the population and (lack of) infrastructure of our country! late for a date

4. I was getting my eyebrows done at the salon. And waiting for my nail paint to dry up. And waiting for a blow-dry.

Would you rather meet Chewbacca? late for a date

5. They started playing The Notebook on TV, I can’t help it!

How can I resist Ryan Gosling? I’m only human!

6. I got my period. Enough said!

The fact that I’m here in spite of these cramps should say something. late for a date

7. It took me forever to cover up this zit.

I was saving you from the horror of an angry, red pimple staring you in the face all evening.

8. Oh, was it 8 p.m.? Doesn't that mean 9?! You seriously expected me at 8 p.m.? Like, seriously?

I’m sorry! *Puppy dog face* late for a date GIFs courtesy Giphy.com  * This is a sponsored post for Ponds BB+ cream. Click here to pick up your Ponds BB+cream