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#BleedBlue: 9 of Our Favourite Cricket World Cup 2015 Ads!

#BleedBlue: 9 of Our Favourite Cricket World Cup 2015 Ads!

Every Cricket World Cup, a slew of fresh advertisements is released by brands to celebrate this major sporting event. Here are our favourite World Cup 2015 ads!

1. Gilette

The new Gilette ad, instead of celebrating the cricketer, celebrates the cricket fan. This beautiful ad, with its wonderful narration and story (not to mention Rahul Dravid), will get you all choked up and sentimental by the end of it.
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2. The ICC Global Commercial

The ICC’s official trailer for the World Cup involves a really short but very uplifting monologue delivered by Sachin Tendulkar. Goosebumps!
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3. Cricbuzz

This ad is so relatable if you’re a cricket fan (or even just a Facebook addict)!
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4. YepMe

The new YepMe commercial for the World Cup features the West Indies cricket team, and while it isn’t really the most creative, it wins points purely for the entertainment quotient that the West Indies cricketers possess!
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5. The ICC Global Trailer

A one-minute trailer leading into the World Cup, which has some amazing visuals as well as a killer soundtrack and leaves room for no doubt that cricket is a huge deal not just in India but around the world.
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6. #WontGiveItBack

This ad, which stars the champs of our team as well as about a million other Indians, truly encapsulates how much cricket means to our country.
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7. FeviKwik

This ad, which was created for the big India-Pakistan game, is both endearing and hilarious.
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8. India–Pakistan

Of course there had to be an ad that showcased the craze that surrounds the India-Pakistan rivalry! Did you know that India has never lost the last five times (make that six now!) it had to play Pakistan in the World Cup? Here’s hoping these firecrackers never get used!
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9. India–South Africa

Finally, the India South Africa ad leading into the big game today! Did you know that India has never won against South Africa in a World Cup game, ever? Here’s hoping Team India turns the tables this year!
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Published on Feb 22, 2015
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