#BandBaajaBye: Groom Falls Sick, So Bride Marries Wedding Guest!

#BandBaajaBye: Groom Falls Sick, So Bride Marries Wedding Guest!
In other How-Is-This-Even-Possible news, a bride abandoned her to-be husband minutes before the pheras and ended up marrying a guest. According to a report in the Times of India, everything was going well at the wedding when, right before the pheras began, the groom suffered a sudden epileptic fit.

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He was rushed to the hospital, but the bride, who was furious that the groom’s family had hidden the news, announced that she would “happily marry” a guest who was present in the crowd, Harpal Singh - her sister’s brother-in-law. Harpal was initially hesitant, but then declared that he would take the bride-to-be, Indra, as his wife. The two of them performed the varmala and pheras, becoming man and wife.

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The groom, Kishore, came back to the venue after he regained consciousness to find that his bride was now someone else’s! There were a lot of scuffles, with forks and dishes becoming weapons, but all in vain - Indra wouldn’t back down. Kishore then filed a complaint with the police station, which was withdrawn later after the intervention of elders.

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With news like this, who needs Bollywood?!

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