#AIBRoast: 11 Ways Our "Modesty" Is ACTUALLY Insulted Every Day

#AIBRoast: 11 Ways Our "Modesty" Is ACTUALLY Insulted Every Day
Irrespective of whether we found the now infamous AIB Roast funny or not, we can all agree that the fuss around it has been, so far, completely uncalled for and did not warrant the thousands of death threats that the group received. And the sections under which All India Bakchod has been booked include “Criminal Conspiracy”, “Circulation of Obscene Content on the Internet” and, most remarkably, for “Gestures and Acts That Seek to Insult the Modesty of Women”. Dear Protectors of Our Modesty, if you REALLY want to help us, we’d much rather you raise your voice every time any of THESE instances happen.

1. When men cat-call, whistle and make other lewd noises on the road directed at women. I’d say something about your balls too, but it appears you don’t have any.

2. And then brush it off as no big deal because they “didn’t touch” the girl - because touching is what makes REALLY makes it serious, right?!


3. Every time a man uses crowded public transport as an excuse to “accidentally” grope a girl. Sorry, I accidentally broke your nose. Whoops!


4. Every single time a political leader attributes the occurrence of rape and molestation on television, movies and - wait for it - chow-mein. Basically, on everything except men who rape.

5. Even better, every time a leader says that rapes happen because “Boys Will Be Boys”.

6. But let’s not forget everyone’s favourite reason as to why rapes happen: because of women who go out at night, women who drink, women who drive, women who wear skirts, women who show their shoulders, women who work and women who breathe.


7. Every time a woman is denied a rightful promotion and equal pay because, well, she’s a woman.

8. Every time a woman in India is told to “deal with it” whenever something happens to her because she’s in India, and that’s how things are here.


9. Every time a woman’s “purity” is brought into conversation during marriage - or even a relationship. Even mineral water bottle manufacturers have less stringent standards when it comes to the standards of “purity” that society expects from the Bharatiya Nari.

10. Every time women are compared to goddesses. Please. We are not goddesses, we don’t wish we were goddesses and we don’t want to be treated like goddesses - we only want to be treated like ordinary human beings.

11. Every time you see any of the these things happening, and you stay silent. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or if you’re a woman. Stand up for half of this country’s population.

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