#LipstickVirgin: A Beginner's Guide to Doing Your Lips | POPxo
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Home > Beauty > Makeup Tips > Lip Makeup
#LipstickVirgin: A Beginner's Guide to Doing Your Lips

#LipstickVirgin: A Beginner's Guide to Doing Your Lips

You can’t step out without a swipe of kajal and a dab of concealer, but as far as your lips go, you stick to a coloured lip balm or a hint of gloss. In short, your makeup regime is incomplete. Girl, it’s time you started playing up your pout. The right lipsticks have proven to boost confidence and transform your look. So here are some tips to help you get over your inhibitions about flaunting a bright pucker. Follow this beginner’s guide to wearing lipstick and shed your lipstick virginity.

Start With Some Research

Guide To Wearing Lipstick The present Indian beauty market is booming and can prove to be a bit confusing at times. Numerous brands selling you a wide range of lipsticks, lip crayons and lip tints also means different price ranges. Figure out if you are okay spending 2,000 bucks on one lipstick, or if you would rather buy 3-4 lipsticks for that same budget. Since you are just about to start using lip colour, we suggest you start out somewhere in the middle. Brands like Maybelline New York and Revlon have stunning shades and are affordably priced.

Try, Try, Try

Guide To Wearing Lipstick Once you know the price range, it’s a great idea to visit the mall, Sephora, or even the nearest pharmaceutical store in your neighbourhood. If you’re already convinced of a brand, or are going by your friends’ recommendations, you’re halfway there. Make sure you get well-versed with different textures by trying out as many shades as you like. Speaking to the salesperson can also help figure out formulas based on the season (for instance, glossy lipsticks tend to smear during monsoon) as well as your skin tone. Frosty lipsticks are not something to start with; and shine lipsticks can make you feel TOO conscious! So try as many different textures as possible.

Choose Wisely

Guide To Wearing Lipstick
Most of us use lip balms to keep our lips soft. So we suggest the next step is to buy a tinted lip gloss (with no shimmer) or a lipstick in a crème texture. Matte lip colours can be great for your lips since they don’t bleed out. Another hot buy are lip crayons; shaped like pencils, they prove to be usage and time friendly. One of our all time faves are Clinique’s Chubby sticks as they come in a variety of light to bright shades and glide on super easily for some fuss-free drama. They are more like moisturizing, coloured lip balms - perfect for a beginner.

Don’t Forget Who You Are

Guide To Wearing Lipstick Got a celeb whom you look up to? That’s great, because sometimes wanting to look like your style icon makes you want to get over your inhibitions. At the same time, if this hot celeb has blue eyes and blonde hair, it may be a bit of a problem. You see, her hair colour, skintone and bone structure may be too different, and imitating her wine-hued lipper may not suit you  t all. Look for models/ actors/ page-3 personalities who have skin tones and hair colouring similar to yours. Plus, be realistic and choose tints that can be carried off in our daily, paparazzi-free lives too.

Start Out Slow

Guide To Wearing Lipstick
We are fairly certain Audrey Hepburn wasn’t born with a beautiful shade of red on her pretty pout. So start off slow, with a nude, or pastel shade (medium pink, light brown) in a lip-gloss/lip stain formula. You will realise just how much a world of a difference a little colour on your lips makes and will soon be raring to try brighter and deeper shades as well as classic reds. Also, you will understand what we mean about a pretty pucker giving you an extra boost of confidence.

Match Your Skin Tone

Guide To Wearing Lipstick Now that you’re getting into your element, it’s time to get to business. It’s important to make sure that brighter shades complement your skin tone. So if you have a wheatish complexion, use colours that are a bit deeper. Instead of using a neon pink, starting off with a powder pink or coral may suit you more. If you’re on the darker side, a burgundy or berry shade will look great on you. For those who are fairer, the challenge is not look too washed out. Add a dash of colour with shades like soft pink, apricot or an orange-red.

Lipstick Etiquette

Guide To Wearing Lipstick
Smearing and feathering of the pigment on the creases of the lips can make you feel conscious. It’s actually a result of using too much product. If you are using a matte or opaque colour, it’s ideal to use a lip brush. If you’re opting for dark shades, it’s best to use a lip pencil before the application to make sure the colour stays between the lines and prevent embarrassing smudging. Keep a Q-tip next to you to clean up mistakes. Take a bit of concealer on a brush and use it around the mouth to avoid it bleeding out. Once you’ve applied your colour, pop our index finger into your mouth and slide it out slowly to remove any excess colour onto your finger and save your teeth. One pro makeup tip to avoid getting lipstick on your teeth is to dab on a teeny bit of vaseline on your teeth.

Perfect Your Look

Guide To Wearing Lipstick Now that you’re a lipstick fan, start by decoding the rest of your look. For instance, if you’re heading for work, you’ll like to keep it subtle with a pale shade paired with using a concealer and BB cream. But if you’re using a classic red for dinner, you may want to up the ante with a full-coverage foundation and a winged eyeliner. We also dig the no-makeup look (hello matte skin) paired with a swipe of your fave lippie. So go on, get colouring.
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Published on Feb 18, 2015
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