#CurseList: 10 Films That Would NOT Make It Past the Censor Now

#CurseList: 10 Films That Would NOT Make It Past the Censor Now
The Indian Censor Board has done it again! It has demonstrated just how useless and draconian it is as a government body! This time around it has released a list of banned words/curses that will be cut from films if they are used. Say goodbye to freedom of expression and hello to an even more undemocratic and tyrannical stand on profanities in films. Since anyone and everyone has decided to become the moral police in our country these days, get ready to watch films that will be utterly sanitized and probably wiped clean with Ganga jal.

In order to show just how absurd this new rule is, we decided to compile a list of films that would never have seen the light of day had the #CurseList ban been applied to them. The surprising part: these are some of India’s finest films, many of which have won National Awards!

Our stand: Pahlaj Nihalani, the present Censor Board chief, should take a look at his own sub-standard and “vulgar” films before making such an unreasonable and anti-democratic law. We do not support it in any way. The Censor Board's job is to issue appropriate “A, /U/A, and U” certificates for films and not indulge in such curtailing of personal and artistic freedoms.

1. Gangs of Wasseypur

Dialogue: Ghar jaa ke jab apne pitaji ke g**nd khuja rahe honge na, tab poochiyega hum kaun hai!

2. Jab We Met

Dialogue: You bastard, saale suar ki aulaad, tujhe kya laga, mujhe chod dega toh main zindagi bhar tadapti rahoongi?Tadpega tu kameene. Keede padenge tere upar. Kutte ki maut marega aur marne ke baad hamesha, hamesha ke liye narak ki aag mein jalega teri ma ki...

3. The Dirty Picture

Dialogue: Holi khelne ka shaunk hai ... par teri pichkari mein dum nahin!

4. Omkara

Dialogue: Bewakoof aur chutiye mein dhaage bhar ka farak hota haiga bhaiya ... dhaage ke ingay bewakoof aur ungay chutiya ... aur joh dhaaga khainch lo, toh kaun hai bewakoof aur kaun hai chutiya, crore rupiye ka prashan hai bhaiya!

5. No One Killed Jessica

Dialogue: Wahan hote na ... toh gand phatke haath mein aa jaati!

6. Bandit Queen

Dialogue: ..bohut bhuko hogo, sarpanch ko maro, bhenchod!

8. Delhi Belly

Dialogue: Sir, lundry.

10. Zakhm

The film was given an “A” certificate in the year 1990 for the use of one abuse: “haraam-zaada”. Clearly, times have changed a lot.

Oh no, did we just share cuss words even though they are banned? Suck it, CBFC!

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