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Your Career Forecast for the Year 2015!

Your Career Forecast for the Year 2015!

Are you wonderful ladies geared up for 2015? If you aren’t as yet, then you should be! This year is packed with new adventures, challenges and surprises with regard to your career. Based on your respective zodiac, we’ve compiled a list of career predictions for the brand-new year. So what are you waiting for? Read your career forecast for this year, and approach it with optimism and sheer determination!

1. Aries - The Determined Ram

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This first half of this year will be a struggle period for you. You will encounter new challenges, projects and deadlines as far as your career is concerned. Since you’re a fighter, you will sail through these obstacles with ease. Travel is indicated, and you will bump into many inspirational people along the way. It’s only during the second half of the year that your goals will get realized and become clearer. Hang in there, Aries, your days of glory are just around the corner.

Career tip: With the right amount of determination and ambition you can achieve the impossible!

2. Taurus - The Hardworking Ox

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With great power comes great responsibility, Taurus. If you want to achieve what you desire, you better pick up your socks and head for your goal . Be prepared to push yourself equally hard. Stay focused, concentrate and give it your all. Once you’ve done so, you will get that dream job you’ve been eyeing...

Career Tip: Be your own mentor and shut off people who wish you ill.

3. Gemini - The Tireless Twins

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Gemini, the future is bright for you this year. Your career, finances and future motives seem to be in place. All you have to do is focus. Work hard, and keep the enthusiasm high. Even if you’re not satisfied with your current job, find an aspect that you’re fond of. Pour your energy and heart into your work, and it will reward you in return. Aim high and you can conquer the universe!

Career Tip: Avoid getting into an argument with your boss, they know what’s best for you! 

4. Cancer - The Cautious Crab

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The only person standing between you and your goal is you. Avoid over-analysing situations, and do what in your heart feels best. This is the new year, approach it with positivity, and good things will unfold for you. Be wary about your finances, though; try not to exceed your budget. You are responsible for your actions and decisions, so make the right ones!

Career Tip: Start saving for a rainy day.

5. Leo - The Unstoppable Lion

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Have you been feeling a little restless lately? That may be because you’ve created a mind block over a certain business venture. You want to accomplish great things? Aim to get there! Nothing comes free in life, and if you truly want something, you have to get out there and hunt for it yourself. Keeping a tab on your finances is something you should be focusing on now.

Career Tip: Keep your ego aside and be open to learning new things.

6. Virgo - The Organized Maiden

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This year, new opportunities will fall into your lap. Making the right decision is your biggest challenge here. Travel is indicated too, but being grounded is what you should be focusing on. Since you love to lead an organized life, you should have no problems with tackling deadlines and your boss's expectations.

Career Tip: Be humble about your achievements and focus on the larger picture and your long-term goals.

7. Libra - The Competitive Pair of Scales

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If you’ve started giving up hope on a personal pet project, 2015’s good intentions will come to your rescue. Have you forgotten your roots? You were made for great things. Instead of wanting other people to believe in your goal, it’s high time you start believing in them yourself. Be prepared to cut off from projects and people you think don’t hold any significance in your life.

Career Tip: Find a way to strike a balance between your professional and personal life. Once that's done, everything will fall into place.

8. Scorpio - The Headstrong Scorpion

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You will have an immense workload to deal with this year. The good part: you have the brains, the power and determination to pull your goals closer to you. While your professional life blooms, make sure your personal life does not deteriorate. Avoid being a slave to your work, there’s so much more to look forward to in life.

Career Tip: Don’t get involved in office politics as it could backfire on you.

9. Sagittarius - The Gifted Archer

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You will have to encounter a few bumps along the road to success. That’s fine. 2014 has made you tough and prepared you to deal with worst-case scenarios. If you stay emotionally and mentally strong, promotions and appraisals will head your way.

Career Tip: Be at the right place at the right time.

10. Capricorn - The Wise Goat

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You are blessed with wit. You will have to make the most of that gift this year. Before sealing a business deal, make sure you’ve given it enough thought. Be open to criticism from your seniors and work on improving your cons. You will be successful once you learn how to adapt.

Career Tip: Before you go ahead with an important decision, think twice.  

11. Aquarius - The Patient Water Bearer

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You were born a hard worker. With hard work and patience combined, you could go places. Since your goals are clear to you, working towards them will be no biggie. Keep the attitude and effort alive, and you will get ahead in no time!

Career Tip: Help those who are in desperate need of guidance.

12. Pisces - The Assertive Fish

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For you, this year is all about taking risks. Get out of your comfort zone and experiment with new things. The more you venture out into the unexplored, the more experienced will you become. Try to avoid getting into tiffs with colleagues and focus that nervous energy into something constructive, like your work. Love and patience is all you need to make a certain project take structure.

Career Tip: If you’re unhappy with your job, maybe it’s time for a change in career.

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