you know your friend is from Goa

You Know Your Friend Is from Goa When...

Sharon Alphonso

Beauty Writer

There’s more to Goa than just being the party hub of India. It’s home to some of the most fun-loving people you will ever come across. If you give a Goan a guitar, good company and a bottle of feni, you will be in for a treat. They enjoy the susegad lifestyle and make each day worth living. If you’re from Goa, or your bestie is from this tropical paradise, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

1. Chicken xacutti, Goan sausage pulao, sorpotel, fish curry rice and Bombil fry - that's what’s there on the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Stop salivating and keep reading!)

you know your friend is from Goa

2. Football is in their blood, and they think about it 24/7!

3. Goans rarely stress. There’s much more to enjoy than complain about - the gorgeous beaches, the mouth-watering seafood, the warm-hearted people and the vibrant music!

you know your friend is from Goa

4. Like playing football, dancing too comes naturally to them. They know how to waltz and jive like a pro. Trust us, they can put anyone to shame with their groovy moves.

you know your friend is from Goa

5. Words like “bloody”, “men” and “bugger” come naturally to them. If you also put all those words together you get, “What men, bloody bugger?”

6. While you’re sipping on your mug of Kingfisher or Budweiser, your Goan friend is happily downing a chilled bottle of Kings! (Trust us, that beer is one of a kind!)

you know your friend is from Goa

7. Glasses of feni, urak and toddy are their preferred poisons.

8. Songs like Maria Pitache and Mamaiya Kero make them go loco. They know each word and will proudly sing along!

you know your friend is from Goa

9. Since Konkani is as dear a language as English, if you happen to know how to speak it, your Goan friend will have found a soulmate in you!

10. If your friend is a Goan Catholic, she will never miss Sunday mass (even if she skips your birthday party!).

you know your friend is from Goa

11. No party is complete without pork vindaloo and booze.

12. The day your Goan friend starts swearing in Konkani at you, you know you’ve become best mates.

you know your friend is from Goa

13. If they’re fond of you, they will address you with words like patrao and baba.

14. Instigating fights is not in the nature of a Goan. But if you manage to get on their nerves, you better pack your bags and leave.

you know your friend is from Goa

15. A Goan friend can easily be identified by the way she speaks. A south Goan has a very sing-song tone, while a north Goan has a quick and sharp tone.

Yep, folks, that’s how you know your friend is from Goa. So what are you waiting for? Make your way into their kitchen and serve yourself some yummy vindaloo!


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Published on Jan 05, 2015
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