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You Know You Live Alone When...

You Know You Live Alone When...

Living alone is mighty fun, folks. With nobody around to answer to, or be judged by,  you are pretty much at liberty to do anything & being happy alone. Or do nothing at all. But living alone does come with its own set of problems too. How about we give you a round up? You know you live alone when...

1. You know aate-daal ka bhaav

Yes, dear reader, because you have to fend for yourself, you know how things are priced in the market.

you know you live alone when

2. You KNOW how difficult it is to rent a place.

For some odd reason, single girls (and sometimes boys too) are incarnations of the devil for house-owners in India. You are a girl who wants to stay alone in rented accommodation? Good luck!

you know you live alone when

3. When your landlord/ landlady suspiciously checks out everyone who visits you.

If you have somehow managed to rent a place for yourself, be prepared that your landlord or landlady will take a lot of interest in your life.

you know you live alone when

4. You are a master at changing light bulbs and fixing blown fuses.

A sudden power-cut in the middle of the night, while everyone in the neighbourhood has power? Or you have just gone to the loo, only to discover that you can’t turn on the light? With no one else around, you turn into a fairly efficient electrician!

you know you live alone when

5. You have watched all seasons of all the running TV shows.

Once you are home after work, and are done with fixing dinner, what else do you do but binge-watch TV shows online?

you know you live alone when

6. You have spent many an hour staring at the ceiling fan for lack of anything better to do.

Once there are no new seasons to watch of any show, admiring the ceiling fan is the most effortless way to kill time!

you know you live alone when

7. Most of your salary goes towards paying rent.

Yes. If only you had shared the flat with someone and split the rent, you could have been a rich girl! Well, at least, a less broke one.

you know you live alone when

8. Your mom calls you every night to check if you've reached home safe or not.

Well, somebody needs to check if you are dead or alive!

you know you live alone when

9. Your friends conveniently show up when they need to crash somewhere for the night.

Once you have settled in nicely in your apartment, after an epic house hunt, your friends endearingly lay claim to it.

you know you live alone when

10. You often don’t bother bathing on weekends or cleaning the house...

'Cause, let's face it, who will ever know?

you know you live alone when

11. Sometimes, you sleep with a knife on your bedside table...

Self-defence is an all-consuming concern when there is no one else around to count on for safety!

you know you live alone when

12. You stock up on all kinds of medicines.

We name it, you have it - flu, tummy upset, headache, and probably even pills that prevent a heart attack!

you know you live alone when


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Published on Jan 22, 2015
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