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You Know You Have a Cool Mom When...

You Know You Have a Cool Mom When...

The hand that rocks the cradle seems to rock in life too! Moms are the best things that have happened to us. Without them, life would be chaos. She’s our biggest confidante and number one advice-giver, so here’s us showing the most important lady in our lives some love. We give you some signs that you have a cool mom.

1. She doesn’t forbid you from talking to guys or bringing them over.

cool mom

2. She knows all your secrets and doesn’t judge you for them.

3. She didn’t ground you when you came home at 2 in the night after a party.

4. She doesn’t interfere much with your personal life, and knows when to give you your space.

cool mom

5. She allows you to get out at night, and trusts that you won’t do anything regrettable.

6. You can talk to her about anything - yes, even boys!

7. Her current favourite phrase is, “Chill out!”

cool mom

8. She doesn't mind you drinking at home.

9. She NEVER asks you when you’re going to get married.

10. You can always count on finding cool pieces in her closet when you’re in the midst of a wardrobe crisis.

cool mom

11. You are constantly in touch with her over text messages when you aren’t together.

12. She also defends you in front of aunties who insist off marrying you off soon.

cool mom

13. From bitch-fests to gossip sessions, your mom is up-to-date with all the happenings of your life.

14. She is friends with your friends.

15. You actually really love chilling with her because she always makes you feel like she’s your friend.

cool mom

16. She covers for you around your strict dad and is always around to pacify tense situations at home.

17. She always knows the right gift to give you and put a smile on your face.

18. She understands why you go out with your girlfriends because she does too! Mom's night out!

19. She’s the first person you talk to when you have a problem.

cool mom

20. She’s on Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram. It’s time for a #SelfieWithMom!

cool mom

21. She loves playing dress-up, and sometimes even gives you a tough competition.

22. She gyms, does yoga, and even tries her luck at Zumba! She’s the real Wonderwoman.

23. You love shopping with her. You don’t need to gather your friends when you’re want some retail therapy if your mums around.

24. Happiness is hanging out with her. You have no idea what you would do without your mom!

cool mom


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