You Know You Do Not Have a Life

You Know You Do Not Have a Life When...

POPxo Team

POPxo Team

Does your mom call you up thrice a day to check whether you are still alive? Does your childhood friend make you do all her bank work because she assumes (correctly) you have all the time in the world? Well, let us tell you something - you need to get a life! Read on to find out whether, however sad it may sound, you don’t have a life!

1. When stalking other people on Facebook is the most social thing you do.

You Know You Don’t Have a Life

2. You actually spend all your time working and you’ve forgotten the last time you went out for a social do.

3. The only parties you go to are office parties.

You Know You Don’t Have a Life

4. The closest you have come to taking a vacation in some time was reading Nat Geo Traveller online.

5. When you end up in office on a Sunday.

You Know You Don’t Have a Life

6. Your friends have stopped calling because they’ve given up on you every turning up for something.

7. Your rocking chair has a permanent butt imprint.

8. You talk to the characters of your favourite movies and TV shows, because it feels like they are the only friends you have left.

You Know You Don’t Have a Life

9. You didn't have an imaginary friend growing up, but you do so now.

10. You’ve forgotten the last time you got serious action. You think you need to Google “How to do it”.

11. You ignore phone calls and texts because streaming shows or watching TV tops your priority list.

12. You hate life updates on FB, Instagram and Twitter more than you hate fascists.

You Know You Don’t Have a Life

13. Your friends think you’re always available to run errands, baby-sit or even watch an Ajay Devgan movie with their in-laws.

14. None of your WhatsApp groups ping any more, and you’re sure your friends have started a new group without you.

You Know You Don’t Have a Life

15. You have a relationship with your laptop. Even with your television. Okay, the refrigerator and microwave too!

16. When you find yourself calling up your parents twice a day.

You Know You Don’t Have a Life

17. You never have to worry about a personal problem, 'cause you don’t have any.

18. When you think being a wallflower is uber-cool.

19. Every night is a TV dinner date with yourself.

You Know You Don’t Have a Life

20. When people ask you “What’s up?” and you say “Not much” - because you really can’t think of anything that’s happened to you in the last few weeks.

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Published on Jan 19, 2015
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