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#SATC: Which Sex and the City Character Are You?

#SATC: Which Sex and the City Character Are You?

Carrie or Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda, there is a little bit of the SATC girls in all of us. Find out and celebrate who you are...

Retail Romance: Carrie Bradshaw


People swear by your fashion sense. You can pair vintage with high-street with great panache. You wouldn’t know how to survive without fashion apps like Snapette, Stylebook, Today’s Shoe and Pose. You’d love to live in Paris, not just because it is the city of romance but also because it is home to Chanel and Dior. Taylor Swift is on your pod on repeat mode as you fit in a pilates session (imperative to have strong core muscles to be able to balance on those six inch Louboutins, right?). You never step out without wearing Chanel No 5 and your Lakmé CC Cream to keep your skin looking flawless and refreshed all day.

Party Patrol: Samantha Jones


You love variety and change. You exude an air of confidence and straightforwardness and will always put yourself first. (Remember: "I love you, but I love me more.") You wouldn’t hesitate to flaunt your YSL tributes at your Zumba class. (POPxo Editor in Chief Priyanka Gill claims she can run in them too!) Your playlist has feisty pop and rare jazz. As you holiday in Barcelona, parading in flirty high-low hemlines, enjoying tapas, sangrias and good-looking men at the bar, you flip through the Cosmo app for some juicy gossip. You know the right people and how to get on the most exclusive guest lists. In your glitzy little clutch, there’ll always be room for a red lipstick and your Lakme CC Cream for that perfect glowing complexion. Your anthem is "I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar", and you embody every bit of it.

 Picture Perfect: Charlotte York


Quintessentially cute, your dainty pearls, diamond ring, matching tennis bracelet and bubble-gum-pink dress complement your infectious smile. You work that good-girl look with an array of vintage-style dresses, chiffon blouses and skater skirts that are totally in tune with your feminine side. You love to jog in your fitted tank and flirty little shorts (again in pink), listening to Beyonce and Evanescence on your headphones (also pink!). Your love of art, fine dining, classical music and luxury fashion is something most people know you for. Your naivete and trusting nature make your friends want to take you under their wing and baby you a bit. Demure yet sensational, simple totes and elegant shoulder bags are your rule of thumb, and you’d never ever step out without wearing your Lakme CC Cream - and elegance, of course.

Coffee and Conversations: Miranda Hobbes


Ambitious and practical, your wardrobe decisions are tidy, no-fuss, with clean lines, neutral colours and classic looks. You balance tailored suits for work wear and body-hugging dresses for lounge wear with equal ease. You plan your girly outings beyond the regular shopping and eating; catching up over coffee to chat about world events is your idea of a stimulating evening. The next holiday destination is Morocco - to soak up some culture and learn a new language over cosmopolitans and Kahlua. You know how to prioritize and will always speak your mind. Yoga keeps you calm, making you the ever-reliable confidante and the voice of reason your friends turn to without being too agony-aunt-ish. You stick to your mineral makeup and, of course,  Lakme CC Cream for that polished and poised look, all day long.

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