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#SpiritAnimal: Which One Is Yours?

#SpiritAnimal: Which One Is Yours?

In Native American Astrology, the connection between humans, nature and animals is considered sacred. According to this belief, each person has a birth animal totem, which simply put is a specific spirit animal a person is born under. These spirits are supposed to be responsible for shaping and influencing our personality, beliefs, perceptions and, of course, our skills. Eager to find out what animal you are? Read on!

The Mighty Goose (Dec 22-Jan 19)

animal spirit guide

Element - Earth & Air

If there is one thing you admire the most in the world, it is hard work. You are a struggler and will not give up until your dreams have been realized. You are an expert when it comes to concealing your feelings from others as you fear your weakness could be used against you. People envy your confidence and appreciate your views on important decisions. Things you need to work on would be - accepting criticism, expressing yourself, and becoming a little more approachable.

The Optimistic Otter (Jan 20-Feb 18)

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Element - Air

While other people perceive the glass to be half-empty, you like to look at it as half-full. Yes, wise otter, you are a thinker and an optimist. You think before you talk, and practice what you preach. You are independent and you like to have your space. It’s impossible for people to take you for a ride, because before they’ve made their move, you’ve already figured out their intentions. The only thing you need to perfect is the art of tolerance. Learn to forgive and let go, and live life to the fullest.

The Merciful Wolf (Feb 19-Mar 20)

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Element - Air & Water

There is no room for grudges in your heart. You are kind, patient and sensitive towards people’s feelings. You wish well for everyone, and the universe rewards you with the same in return. At times your emotions could get the better of you and leave you feeling drained and depressed. Learn to cheer up, and find positive ways to channelize your energy.

The Attentive Hawk (Mar 21-Apr 19)

animal spirit guide

Element - Fire

You have an eye for detail and a passion for creativity. When it comes to handling your life, you like planning in advance. Similar to the qualities of the goose, you too like to keep your emotions hidden within you. It’s your strong leadership qualities that makes you a valuable employee. Being humble, patient and sensitive - that is our mantra for you.

The Cleaver Beaver (Apr 20-May 20)

animal spirit guide

Element - Fire & Air

There’s nothing in this universe that can break you. You have a strong mind, heart and soul. People consider you to be their pillar of strength when times get rocky. You are a fighter and will not give up till justice has been served. However, there is one downside to being such a person - your emotions. At times, you let your emotions control you, and that makes you do regretful things. Be strong; if you already are, push yourself slightly harder. Make it a point to challenge yourself every day by doing something you fear the most.

The Two-Faced Deer/Elk (May 21-Jun 19)

animal spirit guide

Element - Earth & Fire

You are blessed with a quick mind, the gift of the gab and a fantastic sense of humour. You are a person who can brighten up any dull situation. People love hanging around with you because your positive vibe speaks for itself. Sometimes your lightning-fast tongue can get you into trouble, and can make people abandon their trust in you. Our advice - learn how to tame your tongue. (It will help you in the future.)

The Romantic Woodpecker (Jun 20-Jul 19)

animal spirit guide

Element - Water

Emotions rule every aspect of your personality and life. To put it one way, you’re a ball of mush! You are very sensitive, very kind and very loyal to the ones you hold close to your heart. Your skills are a mixture of creativity, intelligence and reason. You can conquer and achieve what you desire if you set your mind to it. Forgiveness is not your area of expertise, but you can always give it a shot, you know?

The Charismatic Salmon (Jul 20-Aug 21)

animal spirit guide

Element - Water & Fire

You’re one of those few people who adds meaning to other people’s lives. Being a balanced individual helps you make all the right choices in life. Your goals are clear, and you know exactly what to do to achieve them.  When it comes to giving advice, people believe you to be the best. Your thoughts are guided by logic, reason and good will. You have an honest heart, and people love you for that.

The Powerful Bear (Aug 22-Sep 21)

animal spirit guide

Element - Water & Earth

A perfectionist by nature, you strive for the fine things in life, and most of the times, you get it. You judge people on face value sometimes, but looks can be deceiving. Make sure your perceptions have been thought through before you make a judgement. As far as your job is concerned, you are a tough cookie. You pour a lot of your energy into your work, and it rewards you in the end. While we get that life for you is a rat race, we urge you to not take it too seriously.

The Majestic Raven (Sep 22-Oct 22)

animal spirit guide

Element - Earth & Air

Manners, ethical values and respect hold a significant place in your dictionary. When you walk, you command attention. People take your opinions seriously and adopt them in their lives too. As a friend, you are charming, loving and loyal. Most people are fond of you because you stand for what’s right and you’re not afraid to speak your mind. In short, you rule!

The Sharp-Sighted Snake (Oct 23-Nov 22)

animal spirit guide

Element - Earth & Water

You are a mysterious human being - or is that the way you portray it? It’s not like you intentionally keep secrets; it's more like you don’t find the need to open up to people who hold no significance in your life. You enjoy witty conversations and love to hang around with like-minded individuals.

The Determined Owl (Nov 23-Dec 21)

animal spirit guide

Element - Earth & Fire

You’re a free bird. No one can push you into doing something you don’t want to do. Most of the times, you do what your gut tells you. Travel is what gives you solace and adds meaning to your life. You may not have a concrete life plan, but it’s the journey that thrills you. The best part, you don’t need anyone to accompany you, you can very well take on the adventure on your own. That’s precisely why you’re awesome!

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Published on Jan 13, 2015
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