#SavvyShopper: 10 Types of Bras Every Woman Should Own

#SavvyShopper: 10 Types of Bras Every Woman Should Own

Have you ever decided to change your outfit for an important soiree at the last minute, only to realize you don’t have the right bra for it? Of course you have - we all have! Let's face it - the best looks can come crashing down if we don’t have the perfect intimate essential in place. Which is why we’ve put together the ultimate bra checklist for you. You’d be wise to stock up on the ones your lingerie drawer is missing. So, ladies, without any waiting, here's our list of 10 types of bras every woman should own!

1. T-Shirt Bra

types of bras every woman must own

T-shirt bras are non-negotiable, ladies. They are a must-have for a smooth and seamless look, particularly when you’re wearing thin fabrics or snug fits. A daily essential, one isn’t actually enough. Stock up on roughly 4-6 cotton ones for everyday wear. It helps that they come in the cutest prints and colours!

POPxo recommends: Morning Aqua Comfy Fit T-shirt Bra by Pretty Secrets, Rs 479

2. Backless Bra

types of bras every woman must own

Wearing a gown with a sheer back or a backless choli? Hope you’ve got yourself a backless bra to complement the attire as well. Often, a backless bra can also be converted to strapless. Silicone stick-ons are your alternative to the backless bra.

POPxo recommends: Backless Stick On Wing Bra by Zivame, Rs 899

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3. Strapless Bra

types of bras every woman must own

Visible bra straps when wearing halter or off-shoulder ensembles is plain tacky. Which is where a strapless bra comes in. Look for details such as internal gel strips, wire or plastic-reinforced side panels and wide backs and sides in order to ensure that your bra stays up!

POPxo recommends: Amante Padded Strapless Multiway Bra on Shopper’s Stop, Rs 995

4. Push-Up Bra

types of bras every woman must ownWearing your brand new V-neck top for date night? Don’t forget to slip into a push-up bra. Because there are times when a lady’s décolletage could do with a little enhancing, and this is just the push (pun, unintended!) you need for killer cleavage. Choose between padded or non-padded ones depending on your cup size.

POPxo recommends: Pretty Secrets Leopard Push Up Bra on Koovs, Rs 649

5. Minimizer Bra

types of bras every woman must own

Not everyone needs this one! But if you are more than generously endowed, then a minimizer bra helps in accentuating the fit and look of certain outfits by reducing your cup size. So while you should totally flaunt what you’ve got, also accept that certain occasions demand restraint, and it's best to be prudent!

POPxo recommends: Triumph Women's Minimizer Bra on Flipkart, Rs 1,599

6. Sexy Lace Bra

types of bras every woman must own

It’s not always about utility with bras. There’s nothing like a sexy lace bra to make a women feel sensuous. If you already own one, you’ll agree; so will your significant other. So get one (be it padded, non-padded, or underwired) in nude, black or perhaps even a statement shade for the times when you want to feel like a diva.

POPxo recommends: Amante Green Glamour Lace Fantasy on Myntra, Rs 1,595

7. Demi Bra

types of bras every woman must own

Demi bras have partially cut-away cups that expose the upper portion of your breasts, and are almost always set with wide shoulder straps. It’s just what you need when you’re wearing low-cut, wide scoop or square necklines. What’s more, it looks incredibly sexy too. So that’s two birds with one stone, err, bra!

POPxo recommends: Triumph Multiway Underwired Balconette Bra on Zivame, Rs 899

8. Convertible Bra

types of bras every woman must own

A must-own owing to its versatility, this bra has modifiable straps that can be changed into a halter, racer-back, one-shoulder, or strapless. Talk about being the ultimate, all-in-one quick fix! Buy it in a neutral colour, preferably nude, to increase its utility.

POPxo recommends: Push Up Underwired Convertible Bra In Black on Moods of Cloe, Rs 999

9. Sports Bra

types of bras every woman must own

For ladies who work out, we cannot stress the importance of a sports bra enough. It’s a perfect fit for the dual purposes of comfort and support. Not only does it keep the twins in place, it also lends support to your back. Also, consider this: your breasts can fly almost 8 inches outward when you run and they also have ligaments that stretch over the course of your exercise, leading to sagging. A sports bra, thankfully, will save the day!

POPxo recommends: Nike As Nike Pro F Sports Bra on Koovs, Rs 1,895

10. Nude Bra

types of bras every woman must own

Oh, don’t even get us started on the wonders of this one! A nude bra, preferably one that has convertible straps, could easily replace that knight in shining armour! Here’s a bra that allows you to get away without wearing an inner with a host of sheer/semi-sheer tops. And that is saying something, isn’t it?

POPxo recommends: Hanes Nude bra on Jabong, Rs 896

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