Relationship Details You Should Not Be Sharing with Your Friends

TMI Alert: Relationship Details You Should Not Be Sharing with Your Friends!

Nasrin Modak-Siddiqi

Guest Contributor

Some of us can be get so carried away while chatting with our besties that we don’t even need to be tipsy to give out details that we shouldn't! While it’s okay to consult your BFF about pressing matters, you shouldn't give out every detail from the fight last Friday to how intimate you got with your guy last night. Too much information, folks, way too much information. Do yourself and your partner and your friends a favour, and put a cap on sharing. Some things are meant to be private - and for the sake of everyone’s peace of mind and happiness, it’s best to keep them that way!

1. Partner Fights

So you guys fought, big deal, every couple fights. (Let no one tell you otherwise!) But please learn to work things out without the aid of your friends, because when you go around telling them about it, it is bound to taint how they feel about him. And their opinions, if they are close friends, will start influencing your actions and decisions. It’s the kind of situation you can totally do without. Avoid!

Relationship Details You Should Not Be Sharing with Your Friends

2. The Super-Intimate Stuff

What happens in the bedroom (or the living room, or the kitchen, if you are the adventurous sort) must remain there. From your first time to your fantasies, failures or fantastic successes - if you care about him, don’t divulge intimate moments to your pals. There is a good reason why they are called “intimate”.

Relationship Details You Should Not Be Sharing with Your Friends

3. The Past and All the Details

Your friends don’t need to be acquainted with facts like how your partner was a college Casanova, or if he got dumped thrice. These details you spill could come out when you get into a spat with her. (Don’t say it will never happen.) And it is going to be super-awkward thereafter.

4. The Good Times

Things are going amazing? Great, we’re totally happy for you! However, keep it to yourself. Don’t gush and brag all the time as it could make your friends feel a little tired of it, particularly if they are single or going through a rough phase with their partners. Be sensitive.

Relationship Details You Should Not Be Sharing with Your Friends

5. Your Partner’s Income (or The Lack of It)

It’s okay to share his recently promoted-at-work status with friends, but you don’t want them weighing in on your relationship or judging him based on his pay cheque and yours. Please don’t discuss these details.

Relationship Details You Should Not Be Sharing with Your Friends

6. Your Relationship with His Family

Whether you guys get along like a house on fire or hate each other to the core, you don’t need to let all your friends have detailed knowledge of it. Their two bits about your saas-bahu saga may lead to unnecessary twists in your kahaani.

7. His “Inabilities”

Societal conventions equate masculinity with being able to fix things. There’ll be stuff he can’t do or he’s screwed up; it’s okay, your buddies needn't know this, not even as a passing joke. The male ego (like the female one) is super-fragile; so your friend’s comment on not being able to open the jar of strawberry preserve last Sunday is going to hurt him deeply.

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Published on Jan 09, 2015
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