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#Beware: 7 Unhealthy Things You Should Never Do after a Meal!

#Beware: 7 Unhealthy Things You Should Never Do after a Meal!

The one cardinal point about healthy eating is to regulate what you do after a meal. For a lot of us a post-meal cigarette, or a siesta is absolutely irresistible. But beware, you are causing more harm to your body than you can possibly imagine. Here’s a list of 7 things you should never do after a meal!  

1. Take a Puff

no smoking

Smoking is not good for you. Period. Post-meal, before a meal, anytime during the day - it does not matter. Though there is no definitive evidence which determines the ill-effects of smoking after a meal, it is known to aggravate or induce Irritable Bowel Syndrome (or IBS) and ulcerative colitis.

2. Eat Fruit after a Meal


Fruit is good for you, no qualms about it. But you should also know the right time to have them. Fruits contain simple sugars and are easily digested. But when eaten right after a meal, they sit with the food (the food you have just eaten will prevent the fruits from reaching the part of the intestine where it is processed) in the stomach and decompose, producing gas. Give yourself an hour after the meal or schedule your daily fruit intake in the morning.

3. Take a Nap


Yes, we all know that irresistible slumber-call after a meal. We urge you to fight it. Sleeping right after meals is not advisable. For one, the digestive juices from the stomach rise up the food pipe when you lie down immediately after eating, causing heart burns. Also because a full stomach exerts pressure on the diaphragm, it results is snoring and sleep apnea. Make sure two hours pass after a meal before you sleep.

4. Take A Shower


Optimal blood circulation is extremely important for all our bodily functions. When we take a shower right after eating, blood rushes to the skin to regulate the body temperature (whether you are taking a hot bath or a cold). This affects the digestive processes. Half an hour is a good time to allow after a meal, if you want to shower.

5. Drink Tea


Now there are conflicting opinions on this. Some studies show that phenolic compounds present in tea inhibits the absorption of iron in the body and hence it is advisable not to drink tea with or right after meals. Others claim that tea aids in digestion and reduces chances of gas formation. But keep in mind that green tea, herbal teas, and ginger tea are your best bets in that case.

6. Exercise Immediately


You should give your body time to digest the food you've eaten, before you can exercise. Otherwise the process will be disrupted, causing vomiting, stomach puffiness and loose motions.

7. Talk A Walk


The popular notion holds that walking is good after meals as it helps in digestion. While this is true, one needs to know that walking right after meals can cause acid reflux. You can take a walk half an hour after you have had your food, when your stomach is relatively empty.

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