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7 Things You Need to Know Before Getting into Bed with Your Partner!

7 Things You Need to Know Before Getting into Bed with Your Partner!

There are a lot of questions that go through our minds before we sleep with someone. Some of them are impossible to answer ("Is he for real?"), and some kind of paranoid ("Is he a murderous sociopath?"). But then there are other questions that really do need to be asked and answered. We bring you the most important things you should know before actually getting into bed with your partner!

1. Is he in a serious relationship with someone else?

You don’t want to sleep with him and then find out that he is married or has a girlfriend. We’re not judging your choice - we’re just encouraging you to make an informed one!

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2. Does he have a clean bill of health?

It is extremely important that you figure out a way of asking your partner whether he is STD-free or not, and when he got himself tested last.

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3. Clarity about where this is going: is it a one-night stand or something more?

It's always useful to clear this up before getting into bed, so that you don’t start expecting or hoping for more than what he is ready for!

4. Is he likely to get overly attached?

If you’re looking for something casual, it is imperative to let him know that you are not ready for anything serious. You don’t want to unnecessarily lead someone on, do you?

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5. Has he been completely honest with you about his past?

If you guys have talked about your past, it is always better to corroborate facts from other sources. Talk to your common friends and find out if you are just a rebound for him.

6. What do his friends think about you?

Another reason why you should talk to your common friends is to know what he thinks about you. If he talks about you disrespectfully, or in a demeaning manner with others, you should reconsider your choice accordingly.

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7. Is he someone you wouldn’t be ashamed of admitting you slept with?

Usually, it matters that we get intimate with people whom we can respect, and perhaps even love. For instance, if he is a total jerk who treats other people like sh*t, then sleeping with him is a decision you need to think about carefully. Never let the prospect of a fabulous night (or day) of sex delude you into sleeping with someone you’d be embarrassed to acknowledge as a friend.

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