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#BabySister: 17 Things You Can Identify with If You Are the Youngest One!

#BabySister: 17 Things You Can Identify with If You Are the Youngest One!
Besides getting always bossed around by your bullying elder sibling, there are so many things about being the baby of the family. We give you all the things you can identify with if you’re the youngest sibling!

1. Your older sibling made you believe that you were adopted at some point of time when you were young, and you actually fell for it!

youngest sibling

2. Everyone knew you as so-and-so’s little sister in the neighbourhood. And if you went to the same school, your christening pretty much followed the same path.

3. From studies to your career, you’ve always had to deal with the pressure of being compared to how well your big sis/bro has done in life.

4. Your elder sibling is always choosy about the friends and boyfriends you get over.

youngest sibling

5. If you ever run out of outfits, your sister’s wardrobe is always an excellent alternative!

6. Your parents were much more easy-going with you 'cos your elder bro/ sis broke all the rules and paved the path for you.

7. As kids, your big brother/ sister was the one who got scolded the most and had to bear the brunt of your parent’s wrath way more than you ever did. (*evil grin*)

8. Your elder siblings' deadline was 10 p.m. when they were teenagers, yours got pushed to midnight. (Thank you, big bro/ sis!)

youngest sibling

9. Your parents don’t worry about anything if they know you are out with your elder sibling.

10. Nobody pressurizes you to get married when you have an elder sibling who’s still not hitched.

11. When you’re in big trouble, the first family member you call is your elder sibling.

youngest sibling

12. You were always locked out of the room when your elder sibling’s friends were over and you were just dying to join them in all their "coolness".

13. You are used to being pampered by everyone in the family!

14. Your elder sister had the boy-talk with you at some point in your life.

youngest sibling

15. You’ve always had someone cheering for you and someone who always had your back no matter what.

16. If you don’t have a bestie, your elder sibling will make up for it by being one!

17. Your sibling is a parent, friend, and mentor all rolled into one. He/she was always there to hold your hand when you were scared. Just like you knew that your sibling was always there to catch you if you fell while learning to ride a bike, you still know that they’ll always be there for you!

youngest sibling

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