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#DangerToSelf: 22 Things Only a Clumsy Person Can Understand!

Tanushree Bhasin

Guest Contributor

Clumsy people have strange concerns. What is completely normal and easy for regular people gives us klutzes nightmares! Here is a list of 22 unbearable everyday problems that only a genuine klutz will understand!

1. One word: Stairs.

22 Things Only a Klutz Can Understand

2. A blow dryer in your hands can become an extremely hazardous and dangerous tool.

3. Everyone can tell you’ve just eaten because...

22 Things Only a Klutz Can Understand

4. You are horrible at basic things like drinking without spilling.

22 Things Only a Klutz Can Understand

5. You can trip over your own feet.

22 Things Only a Klutz Can Understand

6. The thought of dancing gives you nightmares.

7. You suddenly realize your elbow is hurting but have no idea why! You also often discover mysterious bruises all over your body.

8. You drop things all the time. Literally ALL the time.

22 Things Only a Klutz Can Understand

9. Heels are your enemies.

22 Things Only a Klutz Can Understand

10. You've probably switched to contacts from glasses simply because you can't afford to keep replacing your broken pairs any longer.

11. Your mom has banned you from touching the chinaware.

22 Things Only a Klutz Can Understand

12. Carrying a tray full of food to the table? It’s never going to reach its destination!

13. If the spotlight is on you, you turn into a bumbling, stumbling mess who knocks over everything in her way!

22 Things Only a Klutz Can Understand

14. You have zero hand-eye coordination.

15. No one has ever called you graceful, dainty or delicate.

16. You’ve walked into doors so many times, you can’t even keep count any more.

17. You’ve had more phones than boyfriends.

18. All your cutlery is sentient and has a vendetta against you. You don't need to worry about the Rise of the Machines in the future because you're about 80% certain that your mixer/blender will take you out long before that battle.

22 Things Only a Klutz Can Understand

19. You always bang your head against your boyfriend’s while kissing.

20. You lose things A LOT. You’ve even managed to misplace your passport at least once.

21. You come back home every day with torn, burnt, or stained clothes. Needless to say, you never have a clue about how they got damaged.

22. Your room always looks like it was hit by a tornado.

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Published on Jan 21, 2015
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