things girls in their twenties hate hearing

20 Questions Every Girl in Her Twenties Is Tired of Hearing

Tanushree Bhasin

Guest Contributor

There are a few standard questions every 20-something in India has to hear at some point or the other.  Whether they come from inquisitive family members, friends or interfering neighbours, there’s simply no avoiding these tiring and annoying enquiries. We bring you the best 20!

1. How much more do you want to study?

Some people actually enjoy studying!

things girls in their twenties hate hearing

2. When will you get married? Your biological clock is ticking.

Do you know what all science and technology has made possible?

things girls in their twenties hate hearing

3. Do your parents still pay for you?

Sure, my parents never stopped giving me “pocket money” even though I earn more in a month than I will ever need!

4. What do you really want to do in life?

Good question. Except, I really gotta go pee now!

5. Is “X” even a real job?

Oh yes, it’s as real as the moon.

things girls in their twenties hate hearing

6. You’re living with a boy?! Are you dating him?

No, we’re just friends. And it is possible for a boy and a girl to have a perfectly non-sexual friendship.

7. Do you know how to cook? Your mother-in-law will hate you if you can’t even make aloo-gobi!

My potential mother-in-law can hire a cook if she wants to eat aalo gobi!

things girls in their twenties hate hearing

8. Why don’t you try Tinder or

’Cause I am technologically challenged!

9. Why don’t you dress more your age?

You mean wear less clothes and paint my lips hot red so I can find a rich boy to marry, don’t you?

things girls in their twenties hate hearing

10. Are you scared about hitting the big three-O?

Absolutely not!

things girls in their twenties hate hearing

11. Why do you share so much personal information on social media?

Because I have nothing to hide.

12. Are you a lesbian? Or a feminist?

Occasionally both!

things girls in their twenties hate hearing

13. Why are you so grumpy? These are the best years of your life.

That may be. Does that mean you’re admitting that your best years are behind you?

14. Why don’t you start exercising? You’re starting to look a bit chubby.

I don’t care. I can carry off any kind of body weight!

15. Why do you party so much?

Simply because I enjoy it.

things girls in their twenties hate hearing

16. Do you know how to file your taxes or does your dad do it for you?

I do my dad’s taxes...

17. Why do you live alone when your family lives in the same city?

’Cause I like to live my life on my own terms!

18. Isn’t it unsafe to drive back from work alone so late at night? Maybe you should ask someone to pick you up every day.

I understand your concern, but I have it under control. Pepper spray - check. Self defence pro - check.

19. Did you hear about Chachiji’s cousin’s daughter who ran away with this boy from another caste? What a shame!

It’s the 21st century. No one has the right to tell anyone whom not to fall in love with.

20. Saara din phone pe lagi rehti hai! Why don’t you try having actual conversations with people sitting in front of you!?

I concede: you might have a point there!

things girls in their twenties hate hearing

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Published on Jan 31, 2015
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