The POPxo Blog Network Meets the Van Heusen Deepika Padukone Collection!

The POPxo Blog Network Meets the Van Heusen Deepika Padukone Collection!
Some days, our lives are truly complicated. We end up running in mad panic to every store in our city while simultaneously opening tab after tab hoping to find nirvana in the shape of a dress. Finding the perfect dress is like finding Prince Charming these days! It’s either elusive or taken - and almost always a wrong fit. But what if we told you that there’s one out there - the perfect outfit that will make you look like a million bucks? The one that will make sure you get clicked by the Sartorialist if he was vacationing nearby? Van Heusen’s newest collection by Deepika Padukone this time around hits the high notes again. Chic, refined and effortless, the dresses just make sure you do look as great and glamorously put-together as Deepika Padukone. Ah, the bliss!

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The Deepika Padukone Collection is for the woman who knows her mind and does not shy away from being herself in the spotlight. And that’s why this fabulous collection comes with clean cuts, minimalistic ideas and great fits. And it has the ability to become that classic dress (read: can wear it forever and ever!) in your wardrobe. And, oh, let’s not forget how uniquely these dresses are made - each one that truly reflects your personality. Proof: we asked 6 of our favourite bloggers from the POPxo Blog Network to show you their favourite dresses and reasons why they rock their boat. Prepare to drool at the #artofdressing - and make a list of the ones that you’ll buy the moment you stop by the store!

Enthusiastic Emerald: Kavya D’Souza

Van Heusen Deepika Padukone Collection - kavya d'souza

It’s easy on the eye (despite the fact that it is a bright hue) and super-refined in every way. We loved the way Kavya D'Souza of Streak Hue Fall wore it with nude heels and a black belt to keep it looking as classic as possible. The good thing: it can double up as a date dress post 8 p.m.

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Laid-back Mondays: Aanam Chashmawala

Van Heusen Deepika Padukone Collection - aanam chashmawalaThe moral of the story is simple: wear this flowy wrap dress in bright florals to pep up a boring day. We totally love how Aanam Chashmawala of What When Wear has styled it - with a pair of black heels and nothing else but gorgeous hair. Wear it for brunch with your boss to give out that effortless vibe!

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Chic Situation: Shristi Soumya

Van Heusen Deepika Padukone Collection - shristi soumyaShe wears it with panache and keeps it refreshing - Shristi Soumya of Style Fashion Etc knows a thing or two about styling right for one's body. The emerald-green frill dress is chic and playful - perfect for both work and play. She’s styled it with a beige jacket, a black belt and tights. Oh-so-stylish!

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Shimmer & Shine: Karishma Rajani

Van Heusen Deepika Padukone Collection - karishma rajaniNot everyone can carry off sequins. And not everyone can wear it effortlessly with a jacket. Karishma Rajani of Purple Peeptoes does both and excels at creating a look that’s so very chic - perfect for a night out. The classic gold watch, the orange lips and the cute sunglasses almost want us to take it to work, but maybe not just yet! For now, it’s as glam as it can get.

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Running Ahead in Heels: Ruhi Sheikh

Van Heusen Deepika Padukone Collection - ruhi sheikhCan you wear sequins to work? Oh yes, screams Ruhi Sheikh of Republic of Chic. She pairs her sequin top with an eyelet skirt and a nice cosy jacket, slathers on some plum lipstick and sticks up her hair in a 90s bun. And that’s how work-wear got exciting. Plus, white and sequins work brilliantly…Nice!

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Fierce Fashionista: Nilu Yuleena Thapa

Van Heusen Deepika Padukone Collection - nilu yuleena thapaCobalt is one tough colour to style. But Nilu Thapa of Big Hair Loud Mouth keeps it fresh by wearing it with a neat animal-print jacket and a helluva lot of attitude. Her neat gold belt and matching bag make her look chic while those vintage sunglasses add the quirk factor.

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