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The Perks of Being an Only Child!

The Perks of Being an Only Child!

Do you have an older sister who always went as a chaperone to your dates? Or an overprotective older brother who interrogated every guy you ever brought home? Or an adorable yet nagging younger sibling who would drive you crazy? If so, we are sorry to take you through this. But for those lucky ones who have had the good fortune of being an only child, you will totally identify with this! Here are some perks of being an only child.

1. You always had your own room. No sharing, no interference. Forget calling dibs on which side of the bed you would want to sleep on!

Perks of Being an Only Child 2. You never had to fight over who will get to read the latest Harry Potter release first! You pitied your friends who had to wait 3 days for their bro/sis to finish reading first. Perks of Being an Only Child

3. Which show to watch on television was always an argument reserved to have had with parents only. No pesky siblings to do battle with over the remote!

Perks of Being an Only Child

4. You have never had to worry about which of your mom’s saris will come to you. You are going to get them all someday!

Perks of Being an Only Child

5. Hand-me-downs? What are people talking about?  You have always had new clothes.

6. Being bullied by a sibling is something you are sensitive towards, but can never really understand fully.

Perks of Being an Only Child

7. You were never referred to as "someone’s sister" in school. Yes, you were truly an individual in your own right, even as a 5-year-old!

Perks of Being an Only Child

8. You have enjoyed the undivided attention of your parents. Extra love, extra indulgence!

Perks of Being an Only Child

9. And only you can understand if we say that the principle of "sharing is caring" is overrated. When was the last time you had to worry about reserving that last slice of cake in advance?!

Perks of Being an Only Child

10. You learnt to make friends pretty darned quick! Since you didn't have a sibling around to talk to constantly, you became super-adept at being social and talking to strangers confidently. It's a skill you treasure even today!

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Published on Jan 12, 2015
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