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Student of the Year? 8 Signs You Were the Teachers' Pet!

Student of the Year? 8 Signs You Were the Teachers' Pet!

We’ve all had that one person in class who featured consistently in all the teachers' good books. Always praised, always given those undeserving extra marks, and ALWAYS given that special treatment in class. Some of us secretly envied them, while others blatantly ragged them. However, if you were once a teachers' pet, and you’re reading this, you’re probably going to relate to each and every point below. What are you waiting for? Get reading already!

1. The Class Role Model

teachers' pet

Have you heard your teacher say this to a fellow classmate: “Why can’t you be more like her (*pointing at you*)?” That’s because in your teacher’s eyes you were as precious as gold. They thought that you would set a good example for the rest. If you’re nodding in approval, you probably didn’t feature on the good books of your other classmates!

2. The First-Bencher

teachers' pet

While most people in your class fought over whose turn it was to sit on the last bench, you could always be spotted on the seat right in front of the teacher’s desk. You never worried about being an easy target if a teacher would throw a piece of chalk or a duster at you - after all, you never misbehaved!

3. Positions of Power

teachers' pet

Perfect speeches or gathering precious votes from your classmates were the least of your concerns, because your teachers always had their eyes on you. Naturally you were the preferred choice for student council posts. This did not always happen without other students raising eyebrows, and hurling accusations of partial behaviour, but who cares? You always had power on your side! (Too bad the others weren’t as lucky as you.)

4. A Little Extra

teachers' pet

Since you shared such a good rapport with them, teachers always rewarded you with grace marks wherever possible. They were lenient when they corrected your paper, gave you constructive feedback when required, and were always ready to lend an ear when you had doubts about the subject. Trust us, not every kid was lucky enough to get that sort of treatment.

5. Shock Absorbers

teachers' pet

No matter how naughty you were, there would always be this one teacher who would come running to your rescue when you needed them the most. This teacher would not only save you from detention, but would also convince the other teachers that it wasn’t your fault. Well, that was just another perk of being a teachers' pet. Agreed?

6. Miss Monitor

teachers' pet

Being the class monitor was something that you assumed was reserved for you. Minding the class while a teacher stepped out, making sure the supply cabinet was not lacking chalks and dusters - all of this was your responsibility. You might have irked a few fellow students by reporting them to the teacher, but there wasn’t anything more they could do, could they?

7. Miss Know-It-All

teachers' pet

When a teacher asked any question in class, most people didn’t bother raising their hands because everyone knew that you would be the one expected to answer! And it wasn’t without reason. After all, who else could come up with an exemplary answer?

8. PTA Meeting? Yay!

teachers' pet

While others dreaded PTA meetings and open houses, you revelled in glory as teachers flooded your parents with praise about you. Actually, they were your favourite days in the school calendar. Plus, looking at your classmates being grilled in front of their parents was mighty fun! *Evil grin*


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Published on Jan 27, 2015
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