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#Foodgasm: Signs You Love Food More Than People!

#Foodgasm: Signs You Love Food More Than People!

Who needs to drown their sorrows in a bottle when you have food? A good meal can brighten up any situation or day. If you completely agree with this, then you dear friend are in a serious relationship with food. Read on for a few signs that you love food more than people. Nom nom nom!

1. People can find you thanks to the trail of crumbs you leave behind everywhere.

2. People can bribe you into doing practically anything with the promise of a good meal.

food more than people

3. At lunch with your besties, you are more likely to be busy Instagramming  the food you’ve ordered, than catching up with them! (#foodporn)

4. Even if you’re super full, there’s always room for one more bite when it comes to good food.

food more than people

5. Pizza is your fave thing to eat for breakfast.

food more than people

6. You just cannot watch a movie without munching on popcorn, samosas, nachos with extra cheese, or a sandwich.

food more than people

7. Before checking a guy out, you check what’s on his plate first.

8. Eating is how you cope with emotions. Nutella fans, anyone?

9. Your idea of an ideal day is grabbing a tub of ice-cream and watching rom-coms all day.

food more than people

10. You finish one meal and immediately start thinking of what you want to eat next!

11. When you and your friends are planning a get-together, you’re always in charge of the menu.

12. You’re the person all your friends call on for recommendations on the best new restaurants!

3. You find yourself stopping at a doughnut shop, even when running terribly late for your friend’s birthday.

14. You’re not responsible for your actions when you’re hungry. And all your friends know this!!

food more than people

15. You judge your friends by what they eat and serve at home.

16. You DO NOT share food with anyone! (But you take what you like from someone else’s plate.)

food more than people

17. You attend weddings just to eat the yummy food they serve!

18. Your nicknames for all your loved ones have something to do with food. You often call people “Momo”, “Cheesecake”, or “Muffin”.

food more than people

19. You can tolerate bad company, but never under-seasoned food!

food more than people

20. Desserts turn you on.

food more than people

22. You have serious mood swings and turn into a raving lunatic when you don’t eat for long stretches of time!

23. Snacking in bed is your favourite activity.

24. You can’t get along with people who count calories. The word ‘diet’ doesn’t exist in your dictionary.

food more than people

25. You always have a ready supply of ketchup sachets, fruits, chocolates, and sometimes even old slices of pizza (carefully stored of course!) in your handbag. It does not matter if you don’t have room for visiting cards or your boyfriend’s house keys!

26. You don’t care what people think when you tell them you can out-eat a guy any day!

27. You sometimes wonder if can never truly love someone because you are in a serious committed relationship with food :P

food more than people

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Published on Jan 15, 2015
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