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24 Signs You Are the Laziest Person in Your Friends' Circle!

POPxo Team

POPxo Team

“Doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing”  is the Zen way to go. Why follow the crowd who pretend to be busy, when they’re actually not doing anything? When others call you lazy, just throw this at them. And if you have any acceptance issues, this list should help you embrace your true self. Here are some signs that you are the laziest person in your friends' circle.

1. You’re never the one to make plans to go out and party.

2. Why cook food when you can order it?

laziest person in your friend circle

3. Your friends don’t expect you to ever show up for any scene on time.

4. You’re a pro at delegating work so that you never do anything yourself!

laziest person in your friend circle

5. During the day, sleep is your best activity.

laziest person in your friend circle

6. You prefer other people feeding you. Feeding yourself is quite stressful!

7. Contemplating whether you should get off the couch and take a shower is a common occurrence. The couch always wins!

laziest person in your friend circle

8. Your mother constantly complains about how you keep asking her to make chai or coffee or sandwiches or French fries!

9. Internet shopping is God’s gift to YOU.

laziest person in your friend circle

10. You will drive around forever to get a parking spot that is as close to the entrance as possible. Who wants to walk that much?!

11. Winter is when you hibernate, because who is going to actually make the effort of getting out of bed, putting on layers of clothing or attending college classes?

laziest person in your friend circle

12. You’d rather watch the same, boring channel forever instead of getting up and finding the remote.

13. You often scream for your mom/ roommate to get up from whatever they are doing and come and switch on the fan for you.

laziest person in your friend circle

14. You never take notes in class and depend on the photocopies you make of other’s notebooks.

15. People never ask you to organize a friend’s birthday party because they worry that it won't get done.

laziest person in your friend circle

16. You strongly believe that driving is cool, but having your own driver to take you around town is even cooler!

17. Instead of personally wishing your friends on their birthday, you’d rather send your love via Facebook.

18. Your feet have become super-dextrous because it’s so much easier to pick things up with your toes rather than bending down or changing your position.

19. The last time you played an outdoor sport was virtually on your Xbox/ Wii.

laziest person in your friend circle

20. You don’t have a Voter ID card because you were too lazy to go get your photo clicked at the booth.

21. Sweatpants and PJs are what you call "fashionable" because dressing up is such an effort!

22. You can often be found taking a relaxing nap after a tiring meal or bath!

laziest person in your friend circle

23. You don’t throw parties, you only attend them. Maybe. If you feel like it.

24. You’ve trained your dog to "fetch" stuff you need!

laziest person in your friend circle


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Published on Jan 26, 2015
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