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15 Signs You Are Ready to Say the "L" Word!

15  Signs You Are Ready to Say the

“I Love You” - perhaps the sweetest yet trickiest three words in the world. If you say them too soon, you are screwed; wait too late, and you might never get to say it at all! Here are 15 signs that you're ready to say the 'L' word to your partner.

1. It almost slipped out while hanging up the phone, but you stopped yourself just in time.

ready to say i love you

2. When you’re confident enough that he will fit in with your family and friends' circle. And if you are considering expressing your love for him, he probably is family already!

3. You feel safe around each other.

ready to say i love you

4. He is the first person you call when you wake up, and last person you talk to when you’re ready to hit the sack.

5. Your feelings for him grow deeper day by day.

ready to say i love you

6. You can’t help but think of him when even the sappiest songs play on radio!

7. You’ve imagined the scenario where you declare your love a million times already.

ready to say i love you

8. You actually miss each other even if you’ve spent the entire day together.

9. You love making each other laugh and do silly things to bring a smile to each other’s face.

ready to say i love you

10. When you neither hesitate to use, nor feel uncomfortable, at the mention of the word "love" in a conversation about him and you.

11. For some reason, you think he looks cuter now than when you first met.

ready to say i love you

12. You've found yourselves addressing each other by cheesy endearments like ‘jaan’, ‘honey’ or ‘sugar’!

13. When you’ve finally realized that no one in the world can complement you better than him.

ready to say i love you

14. When the two of you can totally imagine your future together.

15. Because you know you love him and don’t need an excuse to tell him that!

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