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17 Signs You Are Having a Virtual Affair

17 Signs You Are Having a Virtual Affair

A virtual affair is a relatively recent phenomenon. And it happens more often than you think. And even more scarily, you could be having one without even realizing it! Picture this: you are always working and are on your phone all the time. Someone (you find attractive) connects with you at work. You exchange lots of emails. He sends you a message that makes you smile. And it goes on from there... Here are the signs you are actually having a virtual affair!

1. When you reach for your phone in the morning, the first thing you do is to check if he has messaged.

having a virtual affair

2. You get that excited feeling at the pit of your stomach when he does message.

3. You both are always up at the same time of the night.

4. Your partner knows of him, but does not know how frequently you message each other.

5. You feel he "gets" you.

6. He (rather, his messages) makes you smile. Often.

having a virtual affair

7. You sometimes wonder what life would have been like if you both were single.

8. He tells you his problems; you’ve discussed relationship difficulties with each other.

9. You both know where you are at all times of day and night.

having a virtual affair

10. You have email chains that run into double digits.

11. You have sent him a photo asking if he likes an outfit you’re planning to buy.

having a virtual affair

12. You are an odd mixture of excited/ nervous when you are going some place he is also invited. You pay extra attention to how you look. When you do see each other, you both say hi and move on.

13. He knows your opinion on the most mundane things.

14. Your status messages are just for him. And he gets that.

having a virtual affair

15. He has decided opinions on things your partner never cares about - like if you should cut your hair.

16. You’ve had at least one conversation about boundaries/ being discreet on social media.

17. You’ve suggested you both meet one-on-one, but you are a bit scared - it would be cheating, right?

So, if you have done/ are doing more than 5 of these things with the same person, then, my dear, you are in the throes of an affair - albeit a virtual one!

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