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#STFU: 7 Myths about Working Women That Make Us Want to Hit Someone!

#STFU: 7 Myths about Working Women That Make Us Want to Hit Someone!

We’d love to believe that the world has finally arrived at a time and place in history where men and women are treated as equals. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case. Sexism and chauvinism still rule the roost in large sections of society. And the most common example of this in the way that a lot of people - many men and, sadly enough, women too - keep perpetrating these myths about working women. Guess what? It’s a load of bulls**t that needs to be stopped NOW.

1. She is sleeping with her boss

This is the worst myth we have ever come across. Anytime you come across a successful female professional, you also come across a bunch of people who attribute her success to “extra-curricular” activities. Next time you hear someone say this, please ask them to shut up!

myths about working women 1

2. She is a pathetic cook

No, cooking isn’t a gendered thing, and shouldn’t be treated like one. Let every woman have her choice - to cook or not to cook for herself. If she cooks well, appreciate her skill; if she doesn’t, stop complaining, go to the kitchen and make yourself a meal.

myths about working women 2

3. She is working out of compulsion and not passion

Stop discouraging women who want to build careers for themselves and be financially independent! They deserve your admiration, not such regressive thought and behaviour.

myths about working women 3

4. Menstruating women could pollute workplaces

Centuries ago, women on their period were considered germ carrier, and hence the taboos surrounding menstruation. If someone still believes that nonsense, the best thing you could do for them is to hand them a biology textbook.

myths about working women 4

5. She doesn’t have her “priorities” right

That’s only true if you’re the kind of person for who believes that a woman’s role in life is that of unpaid housekeeper. Please ask patriarchy to give you your brain back.

myths about working women 5

6. She can never be a good mother

Wrong! She can absolutely be good at motherhood and at her job. And, no, motherhood is not the “only blessing” of being a woman. It is time to change these horrendous, fixed definitions of achievement and motherhood.

myths about working women 6

7. She’s a bitch

A man who loves his work and is aggressive about his career is a “go-getter”. And a woman who does the same thing is called a “bitch”. Well, hell, folks - in that case, let’s just say that we ARE bitches, and proud of it!

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