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Learn how to meditate with this quick guide

Learn how to meditate with this quick guide

Half the job is already done if you actually want to meditate. Most of the time, it only takes honest intention and focus to reap the benefits of meditation. If you are leading a stressful life, where you barely get a few minutes to relax and unwind, meditation holds the key to all your problems. Here we have summed up the tips you need to learn how to meditate!

1. Set clear intentions and do away with doubt and laziness

One of the most important meditation tips for beginners. You must first of all be convinced you want to do this, and make sure you’re not being pressured into meditating. Meditation has to be your choice and desire to work on your mind!

2. Find a comfortable and quiet spot to sit

Get away from all household noise and chaos and sit in a quiet room, with the door shut. Beginners can use a yoga mat if they have one.


3. Sit with your back absolutely straight while Meditation

You must sit straight - no slouching or leaning against the wall.

4. Keep your eyes closed during Meditation

Slowly close your eyes when you are sufficiently comfortable.

5. Breathe in and out, slowly while Meditation

Focus on your breathing, and gently start taking deep breaths.


6. Don’t try hard to clear your mind of thoughts during Meditation

When you are initially learning how to meditate, your mind will run wildly, thinking hundreds of different things at the same time. Let that happen, don’t force yourself to clear your head.

7. Slowly, try to detach yourself from your thoughts

Eventually, as you get deeper into meditation and breathe in and out, your mind will start to relax. Don’t try to latch on to your thoughts, let them slip away.

8. Start chanting a mantra

Beginners can pick a mantra that they like and start repeating it over and over again while they meditate. Focus your mind only on your breath and the chant.

9. Your mind will slowly begin to clear

The mantra you chant during meditation will help generate good, positive vibrations and help you feel a lot more calm and happy as you go on.


10. Don’t force yourself and stop when you feel you’ve meditated enough

This is an important meditation tip for beginners. Do this for as long as it is enjoyable and stop when you feel you can’t do it any longer. Set small targets initially - 5-10 minutes should be enough to begin with. Keep increasing the time you sit in meditation as you become more used to the practice.

Happy meditating!

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