how to make your partner feel loved

7 Things to Do This (Or Any Other) Week to Make Your Partner Feel Loved

Nasrin Modak-Siddiqi

Guest Contributor

Fine, so there are tons of things you already do to make him feel special, but we are sure you can do a few more to make his week extra awesome. And puhleezzzz, we don’t mean chocolates and flowers. Leave them strictly for birthdays and anniversaries because men, really, are from Mars!

1. Start on a Monday...

If there is one thing we all love to hate, it’s Mondays… So pack him a superb three-course lunch. Now, we don’t mean the usual dal-roti-sabzi-wala dabba… Think a nice Greek salad, a sumptuous pasta or sandwich and a yummy mousse or cheesecake. Something he’ll look forward to. A bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice to go along with it will only earn you more hugs when he returns in the evening. Add a post-it note that says “P.S. I love you…” for that extra show of love!

how to make your partner feel loved

2. Game Night Tuesday

Assuming that both of you usually go out to the movies, this Tuesday, pick him up from office and go for a game of bowling or snooker instead. Neither of you have to be a pro at it, but it’s just so cool to do something fun and so out-of-the-blue together!

how to make your partner feel loved

3. Walking Wednesday

After work, go for a really long walk. Talk about all the good times you’ve spent together. Hold hands and express gratitude. When you return home, arrange a quick foot soak (with rose petals, et al) to heal the aching heels. He’ll love you forever for being so thoughtful!

how to make your partner feel loved

4. Home Theatre Thursday

Get DVDs of a couple of films that he really wanted to watch but couldn’t because of his hectic work schedule. Create a movie-hall-like ambiance with pop-corn tubs, ice cream and a burger (or samosas, if that’s the way he swings). Dim the lights and get the comforter out. Cosy up for a special screening.

how to make your partner feel loved

5. Funky Friday

Come home early to cook him a surprise gourmet dinner. Ensure that every dish has an ingredient that is an aphrodisiac. Make the atmosphere candle-lit and uber-sensuous. When he gets home, feed him, then play a game of stripping. End it with a surprise box on the bed that contains a gadget or a favourite international magazine subscription he’s been dying to have. Don’t say a word, just go with the flow...

how to make your partner feel loved

6. Spa Saturday

After a tiring, tiring week at work, your man could totally do with some pampering. However, it’ll do him more good if you give him some “me” time alone at the spa while you treat yourself to some beauty sessions yourself.

how to make your partner feel loved

7. Brunchy Sunday

Nothing beats the joys of waking up late on a Sunday and being treated to a never-ending spread of food. Book a brunch at one of the five-star hotels or his favourite eatery, and talk and eat your way through the afternoon. Come home and treat yourself to a long nap…well, after you’ve done all the naughty things!

how to make your partner feel loved

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Published on Jan 06, 2015
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