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#FlirtAlert: The Tomboy's Guide to Making a Move

#FlirtAlert: The Tomboy's Guide to Making a Move

Making a move on someone you like can be difficult. But if you're a tomboy, who's spent most of her life as “one of the guys” - the nitty gritties of flirting is not just difficult but also potentially completely alien. Here is the tomboy’s guide to making a move!

1. Ask him

Seriously! What is the worst that can happen? If he's a decent guy, and isn't into you, then he'll politely decline. Either way, you'll know.

how to make a move1

2. The right place

Asking someone out is all about the right time and place. Preferably do it when you two are alone. You don’t want this scene - whether the answer is a yes or a no - turning into a public spectacle!

3. Don't try to be "girly"

You have spent most of your life being a certain way. And if you know more about changing tyres than makeup, why change that about yourself now? He should like you for who you are.

how to make a move3

4. Ask him out to an interesting gig or event

If you’re afraid of all the awkwardness that is involved in a first date, you should probably make plans to go watch a sporting event together, or maybe even a mainstream flick. You guys will be too engrossed in all the action to feel uncomfortable in each other’s company. And you'll definitely have something to talk about at the end of the movie!

how to make a move4

5. The "extra" ticket

This one's a classic ploy. It's worked in many a film and book - so there's no reason why it can't work for you. Say you have an extra-ticket for [fill in the blanks], and then see what happens.

how to make a move5

6. If you can't flirt, then don't. Communicate instead.

If you can't be playful, don't try. If you can't lick your lips coyly and bat your eyelashes - simply don't. Communicate to him in words that come naturally to you that you like him, that you think he's interesting. And that you'd like to be more than just friends.

how to make a mov6

7. Banish negative thoughts

Thoughts such as "He probably likes girly girls" or "I am just not feminine enough" should be crumpled up into little balls and thrown away into your mental dustbin. Absolute trash.

how to make a move7

8. Passing the note

Passing notes were fun in classrooms. But they could do the trick for you now! Write him a note, fold it up, hand it to him. Keep it simple. Perhaps: "You wanna go out sometime?".

9. Use humour

Let’s face it: if you're a "proper" tomboy, your top two skills are sarcasm and physical prowess. While hitting your crush might not be such a good idea, cracking sharp jokes might just be what you need to catch his attention!

how to make a move9

10. Tell his friends

This one's a bit indirect and perhaps not your usual style of functioning. But it does work - it gets the message across and now the ball's in his court. Warning: the waiting can be a bitch.

11. Don’t ever do this...

how to make a move11

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