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How to Lose a Guy in 20 Sentences!

How to Lose a Guy in 20 Sentences!

Kate Hudson taught us how easy it is to lose a guy in ten days. That was 12 years ago. In the age of Snapchat and blue ticks, we bring you twenty brand-new ways to cut someone loose! If you’re dating someone you can’t get rid of, feel free to use these lines liberally...

1. Boy’s night?! Ooooh - can I come? Please! *Batting eyelashes*

how to lose a guy 1

2. My ex had an amazing body.

3. Don’t you think our babies should have your eyes, my nose, your lips, my hair?

4. Is that all you make?

how to lose a guy 4

5. I only travel business class - if first is full.

6. OMG, are you still a virgin?

7. Is your mother always that rude?

8. Wow, your friend is really hot!

how to lose a guy 8

9. On a date: “I can’t go there, I only eat at five-stars.”

10. In bed: “Oh… that’ll work.”  A bit later, still in bed: “Hey, are you done?

11. Jaan, it’s been 10 minutes since you texted me!

12. I think you need to lose weight.

13. That’s your best friend?!

how to lose a guy 11

14. Baby, can you fire your female secretary and hire a man instead?

15. Let’s get a pet together! I love the dog Paris Hilton has!

16. You can’t watch the match, Pretty Little Liars is on TV.

17. I made us matching T-shirts, we should wear them to dinner with your friends.

18. We should totally have a joint Facebook account!

how to lose a guy 18

19. Hey, did you change your Gmail password?

20. Honey, can you take that photo again? *For the 20th time*

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