Falling Hair: You Know You Need to Start Worrying When...

Falling Hair: You Know You Need to Start Worrying When...

Long locks or a spunky bob, fine hair or a sexy bedhead - your hair is definitely an asset. But of late, does it neither seem or feel like its usual self? Do you feel like you leave a trail of hair behind wherever you go - and even your ponytail seems to be getting thinner by the day? Could it be something serious? We decode all the causes of hair fall, and tell you the best possible solutions for them.

Most experts say it’s natural to shed about 50-100 strands of hair every day. It’s true: an improper scalp massage can do more damage than good. Shampooing, brushing, or even tying your strands too tight can cause breakage and hair fall. And you know you need to make some changes when…

Reason #1: Seasonal Shedding or Something More Serious?

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It could just be that time of the year when your hair is shedding, thanks to seasonal changes and scalp dryness. Normally, this could last anywhere between 1 to 3 months. However, there are times when hair gets arrested in this phase for a longer period of time, leading to a lot of hair fall.

Solution: A quick check-up at a dermatologist can prove to be the most useful. After diagnosing your scalp and hair, he may put you on pills and advise you to tweak your lifestyle (balanced diet, supplements, chemical-free products and exercise) to help control the problem. This usually lasts about 6 months.

Reason #2: D for Diet

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An imbalanced diet can cost you more than you know. Smoking, drinking and binge-eating can sometimes translate to inadequate iron and protein (Vit D and Zinc too), in your body. This too can cause your strands to get weaker with time, causing hair fall.

Solution: Biotin and zinc supplements can prove to be helpful for you to enjoy a healthy mane. Make sure you load up on eggs, fish, soy beans, sprouts and nuts to aid hair growth. If you’re a vegetarian, make sure you plan your diet carefully to avoid mane shame. Check out these superfoods for healthy, happy hair.

Reason #3: Blame It on Hormones

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Hormonal changes, imbalances and conditions like PCOS and thyroid-related problems could be the root cause of your hair behaving this way.

Solution: A simple thyroid test at your gynaecologist’s office could help you figure out what’s wrong. The meds are bound to kick in within 40 days, which will help tackle the root cause of the problem. However, you’ll have to be extra careful. Chemical treatments like straightening or frequent blow-drying needs to be avoided.

Reason #4: Stress Syndrome

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The anxiousness over your next appraisal round or your boyfriend’s mood swings can literally make your hair fall. And the only one losing out is you.

Solution: Is the situation/ person causing you sleepless nights really worth it? If so, there are ways to cut stress down. Meditation, yoga, T’ai chi have all proven to actually reduce stress and keep the body and mind healthy. Plus venting to friends can never fail! A heart-to-heart with your bestie always helps make you feel better, right?!

Reason #5: Hair Thinning or FPHL

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Our mothers didn’t have to worry about this till they were much older, But since most of them didn’t really colour or straighten or style their hair as much as we do, we need to worry about hair thinning in our 20s. A combination of genetics and lifestyle could lead to subtle signs like the widening of the part area, or your mane getting wispier.

Solution: If you seem to notice a wider parting than before, or a scanty scalp, the best bet would be consult a dermatologist or a trichologist. After running clinical tests, your treatment option could include oral meds like spironolactone or 5-alpha reductase inhibitors to promote hair growth in 3-4 months. A time-tested solution, minoxidil (2% to 5% concentration) has shown great results after usage of over 6 months.

Reason #6: Severe Infections

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Something as common as viral fever as well as the bad ones like typhoid and jaundice can cause you a lot of hair problems. Not just that, antibiotics prescribed at that time could have possible side effects including hair fall. Besides this, dieting pills, contraceptives or sometimes even anti-acne medicines (containing retinoids) could be the problem.

Solution: Oral supplementation after consulting your general doc can be of great help. A lot of DIY fixes like a gentle scalp massages to boost blood circulation with coconut/ argan oil as well as using the right hair products (choose them according to your hair type) can help your hair get back to its healthy self.

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