Ways to Get in the Mood

#SexyTime: 13 Fun Ways to Get in the Mood!

Tanushree Bhasin

Guest Contributor

A relationship’s honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever, and sometimes it can feel like the passion is fizzling out. When you see your relationship entering a "dry phase", don’t fret - 'cause all you have to do is put in some effort to get your hormones going. Today we give you a few inventive ways to get in the mood!

1. Like Mindy Lahiri says, listen to some “black music”!

We’re kidding, of course! But music plays a huge part in setting the mood right. Download some super-sexy saxophone tracks or some Barry White - should do the trick!

#SexyTime: 10 Fun Ways to Get in the Mood!

2. Set a “Not Below the Waist” rule.

As you know, making rules only makes you want to break them!

#SexyTime: 10 Fun Ways to Get in the Mood!

3. Ambience, ambience, ambience!

Surprise your boyfriend by setting lots of beautiful scented candles all round your bedroom and sprinkling a few rose petals on the bed. Most men get really turned on by gorgeous smells. You could also dab on a new perfume to be irresistible to him. This classic trick never goes wrong!

#SexyTime: 10 Fun Ways to Get in the Mood!

4. Buy sexy lingerie!

Pick up something exciting other than the boring, lacy white stuff and surprise him by wearing it when (or where) he least expects it. You could buy some sexy outfits for him too.

#SexyTime: 10 Fun Ways to Get in the Mood!

5. Don’t wear any undies when you go out on a date next

This is a kind of mental foreplay. Make sure you tell him that you are going commando just before you step out of the house, or before entering your date venue. He won’t be able to stop thinking about how badass you are and, trust us, there will be some fireworks in your bed that night!

6. Pick up a new sex toy

Sex toys are not only for those who are dedicated "kink" lovers. They can always be fun additions to your sex life. And we trust you to not depend on us to know where to buy these from!

7. Start sexting your partner at work

Sexting can be quite thrilling, especially if you also send photos of yourself to him. Technology can be quite the aphrodisiac! Snapchat much?

#SexyTime: 10 Fun Ways to Get in the Mood!

8. Pamper yourself

Take extra special care in preparing yourself for a special night. Do your legs, moisturize, put on perfume, wear a nice dress. It will definitely make you feel more "in the groove". After all, you are jazzing up for yourself too!

#SexyTime: 10 Fun Ways to Get in the Mood!

9. Learn belly dancing or pole dancing

There is nothing sexier than a man or woman putting up a sexy dance act for their partner!

#SexyTime: 10 Fun Ways to Get in the Mood!

10. Watch an erotic film together

Is it possible to not be aroused by an erotic film? We think not. And we hope we don’t have to describe what will happen on the couch halfway through the movie!

11. Give each other an oil massage

When your hands glide across each other’s body with exhilarating strokes, the bed is sure to catch fire. Enough said!

12. Play a game of strip poker

Playful, sexy, thrilling, and titillating, this game has all the ingredients necessary to turn anyone on!

#SexyTime: 10 Fun Ways to Get in the Mood!

13. Take an out of town “booty-call-only” vacay

Seriously, go on a sex holiday. Book yourselves a fancy hotel and spend all your time in the Jacuzzi! ;)

#SexyTime: 10 Fun Ways to Get in the Mood!

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Published on Jan 14, 2015
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