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8 Fashion Items That Are Really, Really Bad for You - BEWARE!

8 Fashion Items That Are Really, Really Bad for You - BEWARE!

Every woman is guilty of enduring a certain amount of discomfort in the name of fashion (including us!). “Looking good comes at a price” is something we all accept. But a rare nod to discomfort and making it part and parcel of your daily repertoire are vastly different - and the latter is absolutely inexcusable. Especially given that an overdose of certain fashion items are bad for your health. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

1. Super-High Heels

fashion items that are bad for you 1You can’t concentrate in flats? Yeah, yeah, we get that you swear by every dictum doled out by Victoria Beckham. But Posh Spice probably forgot to mention how living in heels, day in and day out, can be very, very bad for your back. And while we’re at it, you can add spinal injury, calf muscle shortening, knee damage and cramped toes to the list of possible problems too. It’s not going to happen overnight, but these issues will bite you some day. So, for every day you spend in super-high heels, opt for flats for the next few.

2. Flip-Flops

fashion items that are bad for you 2And don’t think we have a vendetta against you high-heel purveyors! Daily use of flip-flops is equally bad and they are often considered worse than heels. Since you need to clench your toes to keep flip-flops on, it can change the way you walk. Moreover, it doesn’t provide any arch support or heel cushioning; hence joint pain, shin splints and orthopaedic problems are not unheard of either. Give yourself a break from them and try on some well-cushioned slippers.

3. Overly Tight Shapewear

fashion items that are bad for you 3We all need a little help from our trusty shapewear to squeeze into that unforgiving bandage dress. But it’s far from advisable to wear Spanx or corsets on a daily (or almost daily) basis. We won’t deny that well-fitted shapewear is good for your posture, but something too tight and constricting will leave you feeling claustrophobic, crammed, struggling to breathe and unable to move freely. Oh, and did we mention it could put undue pressure on your spine as well? Do yourself a favour – on days when you don’t HAVE to wear an itty-bitty lil dress, just wear your regular under-things.

4. Oversized Bags That Weigh a Ton

fashion items that are bad for you 4Who doesn’t love a street-style worthy it-bag? We sure do! Which is why we say this with a heavy heart: that oversized bag (which you have probably stuffed with everything except the kitchen sink) perched on the crook of your elbow can cause muscle strain and pain in your neck, shoulders, and upper back. Now we know that’s not going to stop you from taking your latest Céline acquisition for a little spin, so here’s some friendly advice: don’t overfill, switch sides when carrying a big bag, and opt for lightweight bags every few days to give your arms and shoulders some rest.

5. Pencil Skirts

fashion items that are bad for you 5Don’t worry, we aren’t asking you to discard all those chic pencil skirts you’ve collected – we wouldn’t dream of it! We are just asking you to exercise caution when it comes to the frequency with which you wear it. Those who wear pencil skirts too often can be victims of a strained back, pulled muscles or disc problems. Since your knees are pushed together, pencil skirts make it difficult to bend too. Swapping that tight midi out for a mid-calf length flared skirt once in a while ain’t gonna hurt you!

6. Skinny Jeans

fashion items that are bad for you 6Since skinny jeans are tight around the waist, hips, and calves, they can put tremendous pressure on your joints and lead to leg pain too. And as they require you to suck in your stomach, it robs the body of oxygen, which in turn slows your metabolism and alters your focus and performance too. It’s okay to wear easy-fit and comfy cotton pants once in a while - no one’s going to judge you!

7. Synthetic Panties

fashion items that are bad for you 7Those thongs you love so much… Guess what? They can easily cause the spread of bacteria and lead to urinary tract infections. And those synthetic panties that look so cute lead to multiplication of yeast and increase the risk of thrush. You’d be wise to swap your skimpy underwear for cotton briefs for daily wear. Granny panties do have their benefits, after all! Save the sexy ones for - *ahem* - important occasions.

8. Ill-Fitted Bras

Closeup back view of a woman unhooking the clasp of her braIt is believed that almost 70% women wear the wrong bra size. Not only does this provide inadequate support but can also be the root of several health issues like back, neck and breast pain, breathing difficulties, bad posture, skin irritation, lymphatic problems and irritable bowel syndrome. Most lingerie stores provide free fittings and consultations, and you shouldn’t shy away from their help. We hope you’re heading out the door to get yourself properly measured already!

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