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Did You Orgasm Today?

Did You Orgasm Today?

Yes, you read us right. We are constantly telling you to eat well, exercise more, drink more water, etc. - today we are taking it a step further. A little bit of self-love goes a long way… Here are 9 reasons why you should help yourself out!

1. It relaxes you

You have had a tough day. You are exhausted. The endorphins, which are a happy by-product of an orgasm, will even everything out.

orgasm 1

2. You will sleep better

See previous point! And add in that soothing oxytocin that your body is releasing, and you’re all set to battle insomnia.

3. It’s fun!

Promise. No one ever said they were in the dumps after an orgasm.

orgasm 3

4. It burns calories

We are not exactly sure how many - but it does elevate your heart rate. (So does the path to orgasm.)

5. It’s empowering

Who really needs a man anyway? No boyfriend? Rubbish boyfriend? Long-distance boyfriend? Your partner a klutz in bed? Help yourself out!

orgasm 5

6. It can relieve pain.

Yup, it’s a fact. That shot of happy-making dopamine released when you climax - it’s the perfect antidote to the headache! (Ironic, huh, that the headache is the most-touted excuse for not having sex?)

7. It makes you better in bed

The more in-tune you are with your body, the easier it is to have fun with your partner. Think of it as exercise - the more you do it, the easier the orgasm gets. Practice makes perfect and all that!

8. It’s good for your health

Women who are in touch with their bodies, literally in this particular case) will not shy away from a visit to gynecologist. They are more likely to feel when something is off - and are therefore more likely to catch a medical issue before it becomes a big problem. It’s logical, really.

9. It makes you better able to take on the world

Let’s face it: a well-pleasured (and self-pleasured) lady is one helluva confident one!

orgasm 9

So. Have you orgasmed today?

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