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#ConjugalConfessions: 5 Lessons You Learn in the First Year of Being Married

#ConjugalConfessions: 5 Lessons You Learn in the First Year of Being Married

Our wedding is easily the biggest day in our lives. And yet in all the madness that leads up to the Big Day, we forget that marriage is not just the wedding itself, it’s so much more. So, whether you're getting married this week, the next, or whenever, here's some marital advice, ladies - some precious marriage lessons you will learn in the first year after your wedding. #ConjugalConfessions

1. Your Partner Has Nothing to Do with It

This is true whether you are marrying someone you have known for a long time or just a few months. The first year of marriage gives you great insight into yourself more than anybody else. You thought it's about him, his family, and his mom. Nope, this first year is about you. This is about you and how you handle your new life. So be selfish and do things that make you happy! A happy you = a happy husband = a happy marriage = happy everyone.

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2. Patience Is a Virtue

Whether you like it or not, here's one quality you'll have to develop. Men are annoying! And the only way to deal with them is to develop patience. Don't turn into a nagging wife overnight. Remember, annoying doesn't cut annoying. Marriage is another name for being Zen. So meditate, count till ten, sip a glass of water - for he doesn't see that wet towel on the bed, and you yelling about it isn't going to help. Change takes time and patience. Our suggestion: reward him each time he puts his shoes into the shoe rack. The more extreme method is to let him trip on them and then point and laugh. That could work too - and would add some humour to your life!

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3. Laugh about It

Ladies, please, don't take everything so seriously! Learn to take a joke, and crack a couple yourself when you're fighting about something. When you've decided to spend your whole lives together, most fights will seem stupid after a while. When you're really pissed, just remember that it's not important in the long run. And laugh. Watch rom-coms together. Two and a Half Men or Impractical Jokers or whatever. Just don't watch too many saas-bahu serials, or your world will turn into a depressing soap opera. There is ALWAYS something to laugh about.

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4. Fight a Lot in the First Year

It is inevitable, like the next world war. Fights in the first year are as natural as Parineeti Chopra's acting. Don't fight the fights. Be one with them. They will help you create a strong foundation for your marriage - ironic but true! Beat each other up (metaphorically speaking) sometimes too - it helps release the stress. There are other things you might like to do to achieve the same results - makeup sex, anyone?! - and we prescribe those strongly.

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5. Stay Excited

For God's sake, don't be a bloody bore. Celebrate each milestone with unparalleled, crazy excitement. It's the best thing for your relationship, and keeps the love and enthusiasm alive. Now that you are married, you can declare your love from the mountaintops – so why don't you? Gift each other abnormally huge teddy bears; furry, fluffy red hearts; framed photographs. This may sound cheesy, but silly things - more often than expected - bring big joy! Don't count on anyone to do it for you - do it yourself! There's nothing that gives more happiness and affirmation than a ridiculous, in-your-face proclamation of love. This is our firm belief.

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Published on Jan 14, 2015
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