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#Confessions: The Weirdest Places Where We Have Secretly Made Out!

#Confessions: The Weirdest Places Where We Have Secretly Made Out!

If it is one thing that this country lacks, it’s private space. And who would know it better than young love birds? We are sure you all have had to make do with getting cosy wherever it was convenient - be it the terrace of your building, or your dad’s garage. We decided to ask a few women about their experiences... These are the weirdest places where we have made out!

1. College corridors

“I studied in a college that was inspired by Gothic architecture. There were corners and secret passages everywhere! I’ve always fantasized making out like how Ron Weasley did after winning his big match at Hogwarts. And, that’s exactly what I did with my boyfriend in our little Hogwarts. (Thank God the principal did not catch us!)”

places where we have made out

2. Parent’s bed

“When the parents are away, of course we should part-ay! Don’t all the mummies and papas know what’s inevitably going to happen once they leave town. The only flip side, my parents also do it there!?!”

 places where we have made out

3. Cabs/ Rickshaws

“The long drive, dim lighting, and holding your man’s hand. What better moment than to get cosy with him than this time?”

4. Dark alleys

“My new boyfriend offered to walk me home and one thing led to another. We found ourselves making out in a dark alley two lanes away from my house.”

 places where we have made out

5. Film theatres

“Corner seats and dark lighting - everybody knows why movies are the most common date activity.”

 places where we have made out

6. Airplane bathrooms

“Me and my boyfriend just wanted to join the mile high club! We were tired of hearing all these pop culture references to airplane sex and wanted to see what the big deal was. Lets just say it looks better on film than in real life :P”

 places where we have made out

7. Hospitals

“We were in the honeymoon stage of our relationship, we saw an empty room with a bed at the hospital and we just couldn’t pass up on the opportunity!”

places where we have made out

8. Restaurants

“Ever played footsie under the table at a restaurant? I’m sure you have, but ever let it go a bit further than that? Well, trust me, its something you’d want to experience :P”

 places where we have made out

9. Office store room

“My office crush and I bumped into each other in the supplies room one day. I can only say it was pretty intense and hot. No thanks to the over-heated photocopy machine :P”

places where we have made out

10. Elevators

“He was dropping me home after a night of drinking and I guess we just couldn’t control ourselves till it stopped on the 12th floor and an aunty got in and rudely interrupted us.”

11. The building staircase

“Let’s just say a good amount of intoxication and the fact that we both lived with our parents was reason enough for this. Plus, the perks of living in a high rise is that nobody uses the staircase!”

12. Last bench in the classroom

“We were 15, it was a boring Algebra lesson, we were sitting on the last bench, we started making out till the teacher saw us, threw a duster at us, and chucked us out of class.”

 places where we have made out

13. The school science lab

“It was so intense that we started a fire, with a little help from a bunch of chemical vials we dropped and broke!”

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