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#BombshellHair: 6 Tricks To Make Your Hair Look Longer

#BombshellHair: 6 Tricks To Make Your Hair Look Longer

We know that some of you have been dying to get long, luscious locks since ages, but it seems like forever till your hair reaches the desired length. While you impatiently wait for your strands to grow, there are a few tricks you can try to make your hair look longer. Read on for a few sneaky ways to fake a gorgeous, longer mane.

1. Smooth and Straight

Tricks To Make Your Hair Look Longer

One trick to make your hair look noticeably longer and glam is by plugging in your straightening iron. By smoothing out all those curls and waves, your strands will definitely appear longer and silkier.  Plus, a sleek, straight do is a classic look that will give you perfect, swishy-swashy hair.

2. Stick To Those Regular Trims

Tricks To Make Your Hair Look Longer

It may sound odd to cut your hair when you’re trying to grow it, but if you don’t get rid of split and damaged ends, they can cause your mane to shrink. Once your strands begin to split, they aren’t going to grow beyond a point and that split is going to spread further up your hair shaft. Trim your hair by a quarter inch every couple months. That way every time your hair grows, it gets added to your length instead of shrinking and shriveling.

3. Try The Centre Part

Tricks To Make Your Hair Look Longer

Flip your hair into a centre part to help make it appear longer. While a side parting looks great, it gives the illusion of width, while a centre-parting has a narrower, lengthier effect. Check out how these celebs rock the centre part in style for some inspiration.

4. The Fuller, Longer Ponytail Trick

Tricks To Make Your Hair Look Longer

Add some extra inches to your ponytail with this sneaky trick. All you need to do is divide your hair into two sections, with the top section being slightly bigger than the bottom section. Pull the top section into a ponytail and then gather the lower section into a ponytail just below it, so it gets concealed under it. It’s a super simple trick that can give you a fuller, lengthier ponytail in under a minute.

5. Get Layers

Tricks To Make Your Hair Look Longer

Ask your stylist for more layers the next time you visit. Make sure not to get choppy layers, but long, razored layers that are flowy and bring a healthy fullness to your locks. Such layers taper and blend into your strands, which give the illusion of longer locks.

6. V For Volume

Tricks To Make Your Hair Look Longer

Adding a lift to your roots and making your mid-lengths look bigger and fuller can help you fake a couple of extra inches. Flip your head over and blow-dry your locks, making sure to lift your roots away from your scalp while doing so for volume. This will result in sexy, fuller hair and the illusion of more hair will  make it appear longer. Learn how to get more volume in 20 seconds flat.

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Published on Jan 20, 2015
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