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#RealGirlBeauty: At-Home Fixes For Everyday Beauty Problems

#RealGirlBeauty: At-Home Fixes For Everyday Beauty Problems

Why spend a bomb at the salon and on expensive products to look beautiful when you can do the same at home with remedies readily available? Yes, ladies, it’s all about going natural this year. By gathering a few ingredients from your kitchen you can come up with a complete beauty regime for your hair and skin. Here’s a list of 6 at-home fixes for everyday beauty problems.

1. For Puffy Eyes

home fixes for everyday beauty problems

Remedy 1: If you’re sleep-deprived or suffering from a bad hangover, using green tea bags is a good option. All you have to do is soak the bags in cold water and store them in your fridge. Remove them after an hour and gently place them on your eyelids. Since the tannin and antioxidants in them help soothe the blood vessels and get rid of inflammation, your eyes will feel refreshed and all traces of tiredness will disappear in a jiffy.

Remedy 2: You can also use a cotton ball dipped in cold milk to ease the swelling.

Remedy 3: Try using  chilled slices of raw potato and place them over your eyelids.

The effect is the same for all three methods. Once you start using these natural tips, there will be no puffy-eyed days for you!

2. For Chapped Lips

home fixes for everyday beauty problems

Every girl faces this problem during the winters. You may have used all sorts of lip balms to get rid of chapped lips, but the effect remains temporary. Why splurge on expensive products when you can make a super-effective lip moisturizer in your own kitchen? If you’re wondering how to do so, here are three ways to deal with it:

Remedy 1: Before you apply your lipstick, mix sugar and olive oil in a vessel and apply it to your lips. The more you massage your lips with this mixture the smoother and softer they get. Don’t believe us? Head to your kitchen and give it a shot!

Remedy 2: A mix of sugar, cocoa powder and a dash of honey syrup is all you need to get soft, glossy and moist lips. Don’t forget to wash this mix after 10-odd minutes to enjoy its effects.

Remedy 3: Since milk cream has high fat content, it makes an excellent natural moisturizer for your lips. Apply the cream to your lips, and with a cotton ball dipped in lukewarm water gently wipe the liquid from your lips. If you do this regularly, you can kiss flakiness goodbye.

3. For Annoying Zits

home fixes for everyday beauty problems

Unwanted zits are a girl’s worst nightmare. While there are an ample number of creams and gels that promise to do away with them, there are natural ways of banishing them too.

Remedy 1: One way to go about it is using honey. Yes, honey! Honey is loaded with natural antibiotics that contribute to hastening up the healing process. All you have to do is dip a ball of cotton into the honey and apply it around your pimple - as simple as that! Leave it there for 30-odd minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. Do this daily to see results.

Remedy 2: To get rid of those ugly zits, you can also use ice! Yes, ladies, ice is a miracle worker when it comes to banishing zits. It freezes the clogged pore, removes the oil and dirt and improves your blood circulation. Crushed ice applied directly or ice cubes wrapped in handkerchiefs both work.

4. For Terribly Dry Skin

home fixes for everyday beauty problems

This is another problem you will face during the winter season. No matter how many creams and lotions you apply, in a couple of hours, you will have to (annoyingly) repeat the action all over again. Fear not, we know just what you need to do.

Remedy 1: For starters, make a banana paste. All you have to do is mash the raw banana along with its peel and use the paste as a face mask. Since the fruit contains a good amount of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, it will do wonders for your dry and flaky skin. If the mask does not agree with you, rub the peel of the banana on your skin’s surface to ease the itchiness and irritation. This action will leave your skin soft and smooth.

Remedy 2: Another thing to do is to fill your spray bottle with regular body oil and occasionally sprinkling it on the affected area. You will suddenly notice that after washing the oil away, your skin feels moist, rejuvenated and baby soft!

5. For Dirt-Infested Nails

home fixes for everyday beauty problems

It’s hygienic to have healthy and properly trimmed nails at all times. If your nails are yellow, dirty and chipped, you need to do something about it! Don’t just rush to the nearest salon and get a mani-pedi done; save your bucks and treat it naturally at home.

Remedy 1: If your nails are weak and brittle, soak them in a bowl of olive oil for about 10 to 15 minutes. This action will prevent further damage, strengthen the nail coat and make it immune from peeling and chipping. However, the results are not immediate. You have to religiously do this for a month!

Remedy 2: In addition, make sure that you’re eating right too. For healthy and strong nails, consume a lot of boiled eggs, avocados, cereal, boiled cabbage and cauliflowers as they are rich in the biotin supplement which is absolutely essential for your body.

6. For Dull Hair

home fixes for everyday beauty problems

Has the texture of your hair lost its shine? Pollution and experimenting with hair products could be the causes. What you need to do is, switch to a natural route. Here are a few ways to get rich, glossy strands.

Remedy 1: Beer. We love everything about it. Not only does beer make an excellent weekend drink, it also surprisingly acts as an effective tonic for your hair. Just pour flat beer over your scalp, massage thoroughly and rinse after 5-10 minutes. Apparently, the proteins in beer provide hair follicles with nourishment, repair damaged hair cuticles and make hair glossy once again. Now you know what to do with last night’s leftover beer in the fridge!

Remedy 2: Boiled, raw or fried - eggs are a must for your health. Interestingly, they do wonders for your hair too. In a bowl, mix egg white, olive oil and a dash of honey. Mix well until it forms a gooey paste. Then, while you’re in the shower and your hair is damp, apply the mix. Keep it on for 30 minutes till your hair is completely soaked in it. Wash it off using shampoo and cold water.

Remedy 3: Mayonnaise not only makes for a yummy treat for your taste buds but also for your hair as well. It’s rich in proteins, amino acids and antioxidants which are responsible for making your hair soft, silky and shiny! Like you did for the egg hair mask, follow the same procedure for mayo. Keep it on for 30-odd minutes and wash it away with ice cold water to get shiny soft hair.

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Published on Jan 9, 2015
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