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#ARGH: 10 Things about Your Ex That Will ALWAYS Annoy You

#ARGH: 10 Things about Your Ex That Will ALWAYS Annoy You

It doesn’t matter whether we had an amicable break-up or a bitter one, and whether he’s still a friend or completely cut off from our life. There are some things about an ex that always, always get our goat. #Sulk

1. When he gets a new job

You had all the dough on what was going on with his colleagues, his boss, his appraisal, his shot at promotion. And now you don’t. ARGH.

2. When he does not try, at least once, to get back with you...

Thereby depriving you of the chance to turn him down. There is no justice in the world.

annoying things your ex does

3. When his new girlfriend is smarter/ hotter than you

The least he could have done is to fall for a woman you couldn’t feel jealous of. Bastard.

4. When he gets married

So, he couldn’t make it through a commitment to you, but he thinks he can with her?

annoying things your ex does

5. When he is vacationing in a place you visited together

Do memories not haunt him? Does he have NO sensitivity?!

6. When he has a baby

Babies are adorable. But his babies? They make you feel very mixed feelings.

annoying things your ex does

7. When, after a long disconnect, he suddenly pings you on Facebook to say: “What’s up?”

WHY is he messaging you? Does he want something? Should you reply? What does it all MEAN?

8. When he posts old pictures with common friends, captioned: “The Good Old Days!”

If you’re in the frame: “Is he f***ing kidding me?!” If you’re not: “He DARED leave me out?”

annoying things your ex does

9. When he asks you why you’re still single, or how things are with your current partner

Just. Go. AWAY.

10. If he wins the lottery

Seriously, universe - WTF?

annoying things your ex does

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