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12 Perks Of Having Curly Hair

12 Perks Of Having Curly Hair

You may require 3 different products to tame your tresses, and probably have envied straight-haired girls your entire life, but there’s no denying that your glorious curls define you. Read on to fall in love with your curls.

1.  You don’t need to worry about brushing your locks.

Your mane looks so much better without running a brush through it, which also saves you from lugging around a big hairbrush in your bag all the time.

Perks Of Having Curly Hair

2. You never have to spend hours blow-drying to bring life to flat hair.

Unlike other girls, plenty of volume and bounce is something that you don’t even need to try hard for.

3. Your kinks and curls help distract people from tiny flaws.

Be it an annoying zit on your chin or those bags under your eyes, your hair helps draw attention away from them.

4. The word boring can never be used to describe your look.

No matter what your personality is like!

Perks Of Having Curly Hair

5.  It’s fun to play with.

From separating your curls or stretching them out and watching them spring back in place, it always gives you something to do while you’re bored or waiting in queue.

6. Your big hair and coils and kinks are your signature style.

People can easily recognize you thanks to your fabulous crowning glory.

7. You never have to spend hours getting your hair curled before a big wedding or event.

You were born with it ;)

Perks Of Having Curly Hair

8. You don’t need to worry about that annoying wave/bump in your mane after your hair has been tied in a ponytail for a long time.

Nope, that only happens to straight hair.

9. It ensures you stand out from the crowd.

You’re like a breath of fresh hair in a sea of boring, straight locks.

10. You can never get lost.

Your distinctive locks help make it easier to spot you in a crowded place, so your friends and family can easily trace you if you ever get separated from the group.

Perks Of Having Curly Hair

11. You rock your natural hair.

Unlike so many girls who wrestle with straighteners and curling irons, you let your kinks run wild ‘coz you were blessed with hair that has so much character.

12. Your twists and tangles help you look fiercely fabulous always.

Just look at Carrie Bradshaw, Kangana Ranaut and Beyonce!

Perks Of Having Curly Hair

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