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#VacayReady: Your Pre-Holiday Beauty Checklist

#VacayReady: Your Pre-Holiday Beauty Checklist

It’s our fave time of year again - December is all about parties, unwinding and plenty of fun. With the end-of-year fever in the air, it’s the perfect time to escape from the chill to sunnier locales with your favourite people. Whether you’re taking a long New Year break or are planning a short getaway to rejuvenate, we give you the perfect pre-holiday beauty checklist. Tick these off to get you vacay-ready from head to toe and look and feel your best during your much-deserved break.

Hydrate More Than Ever


Late night partying, unhealthy food and lack of moisturizing during your holiday can really wreak havoc on your skin by the time the 31st rolls around. Make sure to start hydrating yourself well before you leave for your break and try to drink plenty of water between those cocktails to help save your skin.

Show Off That Smoothness

moisturizing your skin this winter

A good exfoliation can go a long way to give you softer, silkier skin – perfect for flaunting in a bikini or in those short party dresses. Start priming your skin in the days or weeks leading up to holiday by regularly exfoliating in the shower followed by moisturizing for your softest skin yet. We like Forest Essentials Cane Sugar & Tamarind Body Scrub, Price: Rs. 2,250 and The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish, Price: Rs. 695.

Taking Care Of The Fuzz

The Difference Between A Bikini Wax, Brazilian Wax and French Bikini Wax

If you’re getaway involves some poolside fun, cleaning up that bikini area is an absolute must. If the thought of booking that waxing appointment is filling you with dread, we tell you everything you need to know about getting a bikini wax so you’re fully prepared for the experience. Plus, you may not want to get rid of ALL your hair down there and just want a cleanup instead, so we help you decide by telling you the difference between a Bikini, a Brazilian and French Wax. If you’re not ready to have your nether regions waxed, then don’t forget to pack a razor.

Face The Facial


Let the pampering begin early by booking yourself in for a relaxing facial at your fave salon or spa two days before you take off for your holiday. It adds that extra something to your usual skincare regime and will help boost circulation, hydrate your skin and help give you a natural glow for some stunning holiday selfies. Learn how to give yourself an at-home facial here.

Happy Feet


Of course you need to get your feet ready for those cute sandals and beach flip flops. Give your feet a super smooth makeover, pick a zesty shade of nail paint and get ready to flaunt those flirty toes. Don’t forget to read our guide to picture perfect feet!

Prep Your Mane


Hydrate your hair with a deep conditioning mask for silkier, happy hair for your vacay. Book yourself a date at a professional hair spa or learn how to get one at home for softer, lush locks. Also, make it a point to get your mane SPF-ready by protecting your strands from sun-damage by wearing a chic hat and spritzing on UV-protective hair products like Kerastase Soleil Micro-Voile Protecteur.

Get Grooming


Yes, we know making sure your arms and legs are waxed is pretty obvious but nonetheless incredibly important. How else are you supposed to wear those flirty dresses and sleeveless tops? Oh and getting your eyebrows done of course! No unibrows, no extra hairs and the perfect shape will definitely do wonders for your confidence. Read how to get perfect brows here!

Update Your Makeup Pouch


It’s best to go bare-faced and au naturel while on vacay, especially in humid climates to give your skin a break and let it breathe. Nobody likes all that effort of having to cake it on especially when you’re on holiday. A swipe of mascara, a healthy flush of pink on your cheeks and some colour on your lips is all you need, plus maybe some concealer to cover up those dark circles after some heavy partying. Make sure to stock up on new products as old makeup can lead to skin irritation and problems and that’s the last thing you want during your relaxing getaway.

Don’t Forget…


Pack plenty of sunscreen with a high SPF content to protect your skin while you laze by the pool or splash around on the shore. You don’t want a nasty sunburn to ruin your holiday fun.

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