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#LifeHacks: Useful Services Every Delhi Girl Needs to Make Life Easier!

#LifeHacks: Useful Services Every Delhi Girl Needs to Make Life Easier!

The great wizard Dumbledore once said, “Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it.” He might as well have been talking about Delhi. Delhiites know that there’s always some jugaad you can do or some banda you can call to get work done. But if you are a woman living in the city, you might want to read on to comfortably navigate this strange city of ours. Here are 12 useful services for women in Delhi.

1. Gcabs

Having a women friendly cab service’s number on your speed dial is an absolute must in a city like Delhi. You can’t be too careful. Gcabs provides highly competent women cab drivers and cars equipped with two ‘Panic’ buttons to ensure safety. Check them out here to book yourself a cab!

Useful Services That Every Girl Needs - Delhi

2. Broomberg.in

Let's face it. We all hate dusting and cleaning. Now if there was someone who we could dump this work on, life would be just perfect, right? That’s exactly what Bloomberg is for - book them, and they send a team to your house who will give it a complete face-lift! Broomberg offers three levels (Deep, Super and Ultra) of cleaning, and you can choose any or all errands such us dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, disinfecting, steam cleaning and fabric cleaning. Their most interesting offers include “Party cleaning”, “Moving In/Out”, and “Festival/Wedding”. You can find them here.

Useful Services That Every Girl Needs - Delhi

3. Anti Stalking Helpline: 1091

If you are being followed and stalked, don’t think you are helpless. Fear not and immediately report your problem to the authorities through this number or by dialling 100.

Useful Services That Every Girl Needs - Delhi

4. No Thepla Holidays

This inventive service caters to working professionals with no time to plan, research and book their own vacations. Since you will be outsourcing your entire planning work to No Thepla, rest assured you will have the most chilled out holiday possible! You can access their website here.

Useful Services That Every Girl Needs - Delhi

5. Help on Wheels

Car repair services are crucial, especially if you don’t know how to deal with random breakdowns. Help on Wheels is a 24x7 roadside assistance service across Delhi-NCR. Check out their packages for more info!

Useful Services That Every Girl Needs - Delhi

6. Captain Grub

Friends crashing at your place, out of the blue? Need to feed half a dozen people food past midnight? You can’t possibly start cooking at such times! Order in food via this home delivery food service that operates in South Delhi and Gurgaon between 7 p.m. and 4 a.m.

Useful Services That Every Girl Needs - Delhi

7. Dynamic Kickboxing

It's time to put the fear of the lord in men who think they can hurt and abuse women. You can learn Muay Thai, kick boxing, street defence, and combat tactics at these classes for around Rs 3,000 per month.

Useful Services That Every Girl Needs - Delhi

8. The Powder Room

Next time you have to go for a party, date or wedding, you needn’t go to a parlour - 'coz now the parlour can come to you! The Powder Room specializes in providing luxury beauty services at reasonable prices without you even having to make an effort to get out of the comfort of your home! Here’s their Facebook page.

Useful Services That Every Girl Needs - Delhi

9. ClickNComplain

If you’re worried about the broken-road in front of your house or the garbage dump that’s been overflowing and inviting mosquitoes, you can rest assured your problem will be looked into without you taking much trouble. Because NDMC has become super-fancy! They’ve come up with an app which you can download for free for Android and iOS phones. All you have to do is click a picture of that annoying pothole, geo-tag it and upload it on this app - and NDMC will take care of it!

Useful Services That Every Girl Needs - Delhi

10. bSafe

This app is ideal for everyday situations that sometimes turn threatening. It is designed to send distress messages to your family and friends in case of an emergency. The app lets your loved ones know of your whereabouts using GPS tracking. It also has a Fake Call feature that can come in handy when you need to get out of an uncomfortable space. Download it here.

Useful Services That Every Girl Needs - Delhi

11. Lunchbox 17

If you are a working professional, you know how difficult it is to cook yourself a meal every morning so you can carry a tiffin box to work. If you don’t do that, then you’re stuck with the oily and unhealthy food you’re likely to get at a nearby restaurant. Bombay has dabbawaalas, but what about us poor Delhiites?! Swechha/Green the Gap has started a lovely community initiative where they have tied up with the women of Jagdamba Camp (Malviya Nagar) to cook and deliver wholesome food within a 5 km radius of the kitchen! From what we hear, the food is to-die-for proper ghar ka khaana!

Useful Services That Every Girl Needs - Delhi

12. Folksvagn/Orahi

Don’t you just love the name?! They’re now called Orahi, anyway. If you can’t afford a Volkswagen or have the energy to drive it at the end of a tiring day, then the alternative is here! Orahi will hook you up with carpools within a 1 to 3 kilometer radius. Find yourself a carpool here!

Useful Services That Every Girl Needs - Delhi GIFs courtesy: Giphy.comindipepper.comcollegecandyviralstories.in MUST-READ: 11 Useful Services That Every Girl Needs In Mumbai MUST-READ: Our Favourite Free Wi-Fi Spots in Delhi For Your Inner Carrie Bradshaw!
Published on Dec 9, 2014
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