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#PartySmart: 8 Things to Keep in Mind to Avert That Hangover!

#PartySmart: 8 Things to Keep in Mind to Avert That Hangover!

With the weddings, the events and the birthdays, no one can blame you for the drinking in December. Besides drunk-dialling your ex-boyfriend and the wobbly walk to the car, boozing can prove to be costly. Yes, you know it: the headache, the dehydration with an ounce of guilt can leaving you feeling H'Orrible!.  So we thought we'd make you a checklist to do everything you can to have a great time and avert that hangover!

1. Choose a spirit and stick to it

You probably know this, but we'll just remind you. We know you started with vodka, and that red wine is good for the heart, but not in the long run. If you're gonna be downing 4 drinks at a party, you should know a bit more about your alcohol. Meaning: vodka and red wine leave you feeling more dehydrated than, say, whisky or white wine. If you're a beer girl, stick to it in moderation (to avoid a muffin top situation). It's diluted (low on sugar and booze). Once you've made your choice, try not to mix your drinks, no matter how much your friends insist. If you must, have a glass of champagne to share great moments with friends, but that's it!

avoid a hangover

2. Expensive stuff is expensive for a reason

We're all up for experimenting and budgets, but there has to be a better way to save. Cheaper booze tend to have high levels of something called "congeners". These are more or less chemicals that make or break the taste and smell of alcohol. Your best bet to avoid a hangover is to drink medium-priced to expensive brands. Need help? If you don't want to ask your friends ('coz they think they're too cool after a few drinks), download Mixology on your phone. Within no time, you'll be ranting about differences between a Sauvignon and a Merlot, a Single Malt and Scotch.

avoid a hangover

3. Have equal quantity of water

This isn't rocket science. If you are a good girl and treat your body like a temple in the day, chances are all your hard work will go for a toss the same night if you don't keep yourself hydrated. For every drink you sip, your body loses about two to four times that much fluid. Most wine and whisky experts suggest drinking a glass of water for each alcoholic drink you gulp. So make sure you get yourself a glass of water for every drink to help maintain the electrolyte balance in your body.

avoid a hangover

4. Start adding "on the rocks" to your order

Compared to an LIIT or a Manhattan that is strained (and has a lot of sugar), a single malt on-the-rocks is a better order. Why? Because the ice melts, slowly diluting your drink. Plus you sip it much slower than a cocktail, giving more time to the booze to be absorbed by your body. Try this at the next party, and you may just end up drinking a bit less than usual too.

avoid a hangover

5. Leave off the soda

Many studies have shown that colas and other carbonated mixers (sodas) help your bloodstream absorb the alcohol quicker. Apparently, the fizz really accelerates the process. So mix your liquor with (fresh) fruit juices or water instead.  If you want to add a soda 'coz you like the taste, make the bartender fix you a drink by telling him the exact quantity you need for a dash of flavour.

avoid a hangover

6. Eat something good

Our parents have been saying this for a long time: drinking on an empty stomach is as good as inviting a hangover. Keep nibbling on something while you drink as eating slows down the absorption of alcohol and gives more time to your system to process it. But stay away from fried foods, please. Eat nuts and seeds, they work as good roughage, or order yourself a side of grilled fish, they are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which help line your stomach (and keep infections at bay).

avoid a hangover

7. Keep track

If you have a tendency of letting yourself go, you can ask your friends or family members to keep a tab on your drinks. Take a break for about 20-30 minutes between drinks (nurse a glass of water during that time!) or make use of apps like AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker or DrinkControl. These are good to keep track of your drinks - and your expenses!

avoid a hangover

8. The morning-after routine

If you feel a bit strained or heavy or both, stick to black coffee. Pair it up with a slice of wholegrain toast. Make sure you rest or you really won't feel better. And water, water, water - you HAVE to hydrate yourself. If you have to head to work, we'd suggest opting for a Vitamin C pill instead of a hangover pill or just a painkiller: it helps balance the electrolytes in the body, making you feel better and ready for the day.

avoid a hangover

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Published on Dec 24, 2014
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