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#TBT: 14 Things the Mobile Phone Ruined!

#TBT: 14 Things the Mobile Phone Ruined!

There are many things mobile phones have added to our lives - everyone is just a click-of-a-button away, one feels safer with a phone, it’s possible to stay connected with old friends, and with smartphones it is possible to promote and work on one’s businesses via social media. But there are so many things mobile phones have also taken away from us! Here is a list of things we have lost out on in the race to own a better mobile phone.

1. Indulging in Solitude

We are never alone! You might want to take a day off, chill by yourself, spend time in your garden reading a book, but we can promise you, you will be disturbed constantly with text messages, phone calls and irritating Snapchats.

14 Things the Mobile Phone Ruined

2. Focus

We are constantly distracted. You know how annoying it is when someone starts texting when you are in the middle of a conversation with them, right? *Rudeness alert*

14 Things the Mobile Phone Ruined

3. Spelling and Grammar!

Kids these days routinely write exams in SMS lingo. Can you imagine reading this on an answer sheet: “D Mughl king ws knwn fr hs religious tolernce”?! We've met people who've suffered through this.

4. The Possibility of Ignoring Someone

How can you avoid people you don’t want to talk to when they keep calling you using Viber, Skype, Google Hangouts? Or texting you on EVERY goddamn messaging app?  Amd this has become SO MUCH worse with the "blue ticks" on Whatsapp and "Seen" notifications on Facebook Messenger!

14 Things the Mobile Phone Ruined

5. An Active lifestyle

When was the last time you actually went out to shop for books and clothes instead of ordering them online?

6. Limits to Sharing

We don’t mind sharing every idiotic detail of our lives. When we start tweeting about whether or not our dog took a dump today, maybe it's time to realize we have a problem! :P

14 Things the Mobile Phone Ruined

7. Privacy!

Keeping embarrassing incidents a secret is no longer possible! Invariably, there will be someone or the around, camera phone in hand, ready to record your every shameful detail of your life.

14 Things the Mobile Phone Ruined

8. The Art of Memorizing

Remember how we used to know our best friend’s number by heart? What’s the point of that any more when you have her on speed dial?

14 Things the Mobile Phone Ruined

9. Face-to-Face Interactions

Spending hours with your best friends because you just HAD TO discuss your latest crush - that’s gone now. Why bother when you can Snapchat them a picture with hearts drawn on it? Ugh.

14 Things the Mobile Phone Ruined

10. Snooping via Extension Phones

Most houses had one landline number, but several extensions hooked up in different rooms. Eavesdropping on our siblings’ or parents’ phone calls gave us the gossip we needed to have fun! Now you have to steal your sister’s phone and crack her password to find some dope on her.

14 Things the Mobile Phone Ruined

11. Writing Letters

Snail mail is so passé. Now all you get are badly written, horribly spelt text messages, WhatsApp forwards or emails. Whatever happened to the pen pal culture?!

14 Things the Mobile Phone Ruined

12. Passing Chits in Class

Oh, the good old times! Teachers would be oblivious to all the messages being passed around in their classes. Text messages aren't half as fun. And you don't have a note you can hang on to and cherish.

14 Things the Mobile Phone Ruined

13. Anonymity

You will always have a digital footprint, no matter how hard you try to live off the grid!

14 Things the Mobile Phone Ruined

14. Family time

This is what modern families look like!

14 Things the Mobile Phone Ruined

So we totally understand if you sometimes feel like doing this:

14 Things the Mobile Phone Ruined

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Published on Dec 11, 2014
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