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Things Girls Say When They Are Mad at Boys!

POPxo Team

POPxo Team

You've heard this one, right? "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"? Well, the last person you ever want to pick a fight with in the whole universe is your girl. And unlike regular warfare, her weapon of choice is often her razor sharp tongue. If your girl has recently used any of these phrases, she’s definitely mad at you!    

1. "Whatever! Do What You Want"

You know better than to do it - unless you want to start a full-blown war.

Things Girls Say When They Are Mad At You

2. "No, Nothing's Wrong"

Don’t ignore her. Sit her down and ask her gently if you can help her with what's troubling her.

3. "Who Is That Girl You Just Followed/Added On Instagram/Facebook?????"

Did you not think of the consequences when you hit “Follow”?!

4. "You ALWAYS Do This"

Yes, women are good at remembering stuff. And they won’t hesitate to bring them up to prove a point.

5. "I Hope You’re Happy"

You better not be! Cut back on the  smiles and put on your most mournful face.

Things Girls Say When They Are Mad At You

6. "I’m Fine"

And you know nothing is going to be fine for the rest of eternity - or at least till you’ve made it up to her.

7. "Forget It, You Won’t Understand"

She means that you have the emotional and intellectual range of a teaspoon.

Things Girls Say When They Are Mad At You

8. “K”

That one letter reply to a text has the potential to ruin your entire day!

9. "Even My Friends Agree"

This means that the issue has been discussed and dissected by her girl gang. Tough luck! No more justifying your stance. The only solution is switching to damage-control mode immediately.

10. "Do You Not Love Me?"

The right answer is: “Darling, I love you more than life itself!”. Or a red velvet cupcake.

Things Girls Say When They Are Mad At You

11. "If You Think She’s Better Than Me, Why Don’t You Date Her?"

If you even hint that you’re fine with this, prepare for something hard to land on your head.

12. "Nope, I’m Not Angry. I’m Not Even Slightly Mad At You." Just sprint! Channel your inner Usain Bolt!

Things Girls Say When They Are Mad At You

13. "Don’t Talk to Me"

Oh boy! This means you need to perfect the art of leaving her alone for a while without making her feel ignored at the same time. Good luck!


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Published on Dec 03, 2014
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